Life of an adoptee

“No I don’t celebrate Chinese New Year.”

“Martial arts? I know how to swing a stick. Does that count?”

“Yes I’ve eaten kimchi. I’m adopted, not dead.”

“No I can’t show your son how to use chopsticks. He can’t even use a fork.”

“No I’m not Japanese.”

“No I’m not Vietnamese.”

“Yes I’m Korean. Yes… I’m sure…

No… not North Korea…”

“Yes I realize Cushman isn’t a Korean name.

Yes… I’m really sure I’m Jason Chandler Cushman…”

“Yea… that’s my mom. No… I’m not half white. Yes… … I’m sure…”

“No I didn’t steal this credit card. Yes, I have my drivers license to prove it.”

“No I don’t have a green card. Yes I realize immigrants should have one. I’m nationalized. Yes… I’m sure. Ok… I’ll get my paperwork, been here since I was 3.”

“Yes I speak English and understand what you are saying. No… I don’t require a translator.

Yes… I still understand and follow the conversation at hand.”

“No I don’t have an opinion on Chinese Communism and history unless you want to discuss the Silk Road and the Boxer rebellion which I wrote papers on in college.”

“Yes I’ve briefly been to Japan on the way to Korea. Yes I like sushi.”

“No I don’t speak Korean. Because I was adopted. Well… I didn’t choose that route. It was sort of chosen for me.”

“Yes I realize I should learn to speak Korean someday. I’d also like to learn to be a botanist someday, all in good time I suppose.”

“I changed my name because no one would be able to spell my Korean name and I’d get irritated daily because of it. I basically saved myself a lifetime of irritation. Yes… I’m still proud to be Korean.”

“I’m rooting for both teams… no I don’t feel a need to pick between the USA and Korea, I hope for a good game.

This isn’t a war, I don’t have to choose sides ok? Fuck off!”

-Opinionated Man


The moment we start to fail at praising and recognizing the contributions of our team members is the day we become just another individual in their day.

Individuals are part of the work in life and become just part of the noise.

Leaders are supposed to be more than that.



My 9 year old beat me in a race this weekend.

To add insult and actual injury… I fell and am now aware of just how close to 40 I’m getting. Should anyone want to contact me in the future please visit me at the Redwall Nursing Home on Pity Lane.



Machiavelli taught me that you never worry about the bubble you live in, you work in. If you are only worried about the six inches before your face, you have no concern about your hindsight and you definitely have no foresight for the pitfalls before you. If you’ve ever read The Prince you understand that the politics of the mind are far greater than the politics of the moment. Controlling yourself and your outcome is the only way to truly control your future. That’s the only way to really dispel the fog of war.



I saw a shining light.

It shined, it shined, it shined so bright.

I could not stand the sight.

Of darkness folding before this light.

A brightness striking deep within.

Dispelling torrents of rage, amen.

A beauty I did not wish to see.

A reflection of something lost in me.



Blogging 101

Owning your online identity.

It’s important for us trying to market ourselves. You’ll notice I use a logo.

It’s professionally done by myself in Microsoft paint and I made it in a whole two minutes 7 years ago. Notice the bomb… cause I’m the bomb. And it’s knocking over the M cause what good is a bomb if it can’t knock shit over? What good is an opinion if it can’t move you?

I own the tags HarsH ReaLiTy and Opinionated Man because I make the effort to. Owning a tag doesn’t require money, at least I don’t think so. You own it with presence and most importantly persistence. And using the damn thing.

When I was a gamer in college I learned the value of owning a screen name. I pretty much carried that same notion to blogging because it was a game to me, a game of numbers. If you want to make a difference in this world unfortunately you undoubtedly have to make yourself known in some way. There will be many opinionated people in this world, but no one will own this tag. If they do… tell me and I’ll shame them.

In memory of Richie who just died and Highlander – there can be only one.