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Writing Myself

I could lay my life on the line. On a line followed by another line and another. Opening the pages of my heart with delicate finger that gently picks back the layers of my past. Some pages stuck together by tender emotion forming permanent rest. I pry them open with despair and allow release of… Read More »

A Silent Scream

In Afghanistan, a young soldier lies on the ground alone. His blood is seeping through his fingers as he tries to hold his life in for just a bit longer. His last thoughts are of his family, the love for his mother, and his loyalty to a country that has hated him since he got… Read More »

Blogging – Writing Shorts

I write shorts on this blog. There are three bloggers I follow that I consider examples of “purest bloggers.” They are Linda@ http://lindaghill.wordpress.com/, HW@ http://holisticwayfarer.com/, and Doobster@ http://mindfuldigressions.com/ (he is retired). I do not mean the term purest blogger in a derogatory way, in fact I consider it the ultimate compliment. These three bloggers write well… Read More »

Writing Tears

Writing tears in the dark. How lonely my pen feels as it quests across the page in search of an original thought. I chase them, thoughts… ever searching for a connection. Hoping still to break certain lines of thought. They crack under the weight of my scrutiny and turn in upon themselves to try and… Read More »

Bleeding Sleep

My eyes bleed sleep. Droplets of concern puddle at my feet, they reflect my humanity in the moonlight. I mumble hope and walk in a daze, a zombie to the life I live. I pass people, places, and things… they create a cascade of reality around me. A reality I do not touch, but instead… Read More »

Nameless but Important

I believe you are as important as you want to be. When I come to work I don’t get handshakes and head nods from the people that work during the day. All they see is a shadow, a nameless, hoody wearing shadow that as far as they are concerned as long as “he” is wearing… Read More »

My pen

I dip my pen into my soul and sacrifice a little of myself for the next page. Realizing a sense of pain with each letter, I still feel a sense of satisfaction like a cutter upon completion. My pen, my baton with which I orchestrate my thoughts and funnel them onto a screen. Through dancing fingers… Read More »

Island Mine

You wish to make me an island. Setting me apart from those that are like me, could be like me. An oar-less boat parts from quickly distancing shore. I wave goodbye to those that are and part to where I am meant to be. An island to myself, a place to be myself, an island mine. I… Read More »

Opinionated Man Watches 50 Shades of What The Hell…

My name is Jason Cushman and I confess that I watched 50 Shades of Grey. My wife wanted to see it. Yes, I just dropped an excuse in the first two sentences. I feel it was worth stating. I rarely do “movie reviews,” but a blogger asked and here it is. It is going to… Read More »

I was reading your blog

I was reading your blog today as you read mine. Feeling like two ships in the night that just might finally meet at last. At the very least we seemed to exchange thoughts with one another… as I read your blog and you read mine. A connection felt even if not heard. Still we can’t… Read More »