You ate all the popcorn asshole…



Could you imagine that we would ever sit where we are sitting amongst the people we are? Not far from when we couldn’t afford a dream… and now we live a dream…

Sitting by our future and enjoying a moment I never thought would happen 

I know happiness at last.





On a personal note my knee is doing just fine thank you. It is healing nicely…

Although you’ll note some slight swelling around the outer edges of the damaged scar tissue and upper knee. I’m anticipating months of healing to come, but I’m pleased with the rate it is going.

I’m hurt no one has asked me today how my knee is after my post yesterday.

I assume people are battling equally traumatic experiences.

I understand.


For Men Only – Relationships

I do a lot of laundry and the one thing my wife gets mad at me for continuously is for putting stuff away in the wrong place. I get it. It is really annoying when you go to make a sandwich and the mustard isn’t where it is supposed to be because someone put it in the cabinet. When you are in a rush you just expect things to be in a certain spot.

But who else here has a problem with trying to sort women’s clothes? I got shirts, blouses, dresses, sweaters, tank tops, t shirts, t shirts just for home, sleepwear, button ups, and that’s only half of them. Why do women have so many different shirts? I wonder why they want to be able to blend in so easily…

It is obviously a conspiracy. I told you before that the “outfit of the month” is really code for what uniform women will universally wear that week. I also think there is some type of secret countdown going on. You ever notice they buy clothes for “in case stuff happens!”

“Well my sister might get married! I need this dress!”

“You don’t have a sister…”

“Well then I’ll wear it at your funeral.”

-Opinionated Man



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