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Linda G. Hill

The obligatory eight-legged occupant is back in my kitchen this year. Every summer, a small spider moves in and makes a web far enough away from where I normally walk that I leave it, thinking why not? It’ll eat the occasional fly and I won’t have to race around my kitchen with a tea towel chasing it (the fly). By July my occupant is medium-sized and by the end of August it’s a giant, sitting in the middle of its web patiently waiting for its next meal. It’s definitely more patient than my kids, I’ll give it that.

Except this year I have two eight-legged occupants in my kitchen. They’re about six feet apart and so far I’ve seen neither stray from its web. I just hope one of them doesn’t decide to visit its neighbour.

If I have hundreds of eight-legged occupants in my kitchen next year, I’m moving…

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I’ll never understand how you can be so patient with me. So forgiving, so able to put up with my shit.

Love can sometimes be defined by an undefinable action. I don’t know why you do what you do. It must be love.

I am a walking tornado against the sea. And I love the shore our life creates between us, for us. I hope we can walk hand in hand across our worlds for a bit longer. Just a bit longer to know someone holds my hand across the sea.

For See



And then there was me

It’s been a rough few weeks. We got told that our team is being disbanded and that I’ve basically been training my replacements. I help build this team for the past five and a half years and I started this blog when I took my first graveyard shift here.

If it weren’t for this job HarsH ReaLiTy would never have been born.

The stress is almost palpable at work and I am hoping there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve brought that stress home and wasn’t even able to enjoy my daughter’s birthday fully… I’ll have to make it up to her, them…

But of course my “suffering” is small in comparison to the pain, hate, and hurt around the world… in my country. So instead of adding to the noise I simply dimmed my voice for a few weeks. I took a breath and I think we all need to do that.

I went hiking, wrote, and day dreamed about Game of Thrones. I mean how does that arrow not kill the dragon and why did she take her dragon with a frontal attack in that battle? Why wouldn’t you swipe the line with fire… duh. Amateur.

The world needs the average day, needs the bloggers of the world. We need the entertainment and relief from all the “important” matters shoved down our throats daily.

Keep blogging and be safe out there.





Could you imagine that we would ever sit where we are sitting amongst the people we are? Not far from when we couldn’t afford a dream… and now we live a dream…

Sitting by our future and enjoying a moment I never thought would happen 

I know happiness at last.




Birds & Stones

Why can’t I kill more birds with this stone?

Only two? That seems so few.

Who said that stones don’t break my bones?

Apparently someone thought they knew.
How many cheeks must we turn.

Before turning turns old.

You turn your cheek, I’ll lift this stone.

Then we’ll see events unfold.



Subscriber Numbers

Subscriber numbers meaning nothing. Look at the comments and the interaction. That’s how you see the true pulse of a blog.

I’m mostly talking to myself. Hi self. ✋️