Sometimes good things come to those that believe. But even more than belief, when we set our actions upon the backs of our hearts and strive to make our dreams come true we can accomplish anything. Through the struggle we learn to appreciate why we struggle and life becomes that more important.

Then we truly live.



I could

I could count the rays of the sun, but why would I want to steal the light. Reminding myself of folding night, I look for the darkness from above. Considering the missing heartbeats between a thought, a glancing moment from the start. Trying to appreciate what moments are. From end to end, new beginnings and more.




I could push my words till they tumble and fall.

Watch them sparkle, or not at all.

Would they beckon, can you hear the call?

A clarion sound I hope you saw.

How much force would it take?

To make my words move and feel them shake.

To give them a life of their own.

To give them my life and make them shown.




I could watch the setting sun till the day was done. But would I watch the rising moon or find my exit too soon.

Could I let the passing hours into my heart or let it sour. Like an aging wine until inside I rewind.

I’d rest my right hand upon my heart and feel a tremble start to start. Finding a way into my soul past the anger and inner toll.

Can you see the rising light past the name it seems to fight. Moon or sun it comes around, a new day to be found.



Self promotion

Here’s a basic lesson in self promotion.

My daughter is ten and she’s doing online classes like so many other kids out there. She misses her classmates and the stimulation one gets from interacting with their peers.

She created a google classroom to share some of her passions and ideas for dealing with boredom like dad jokes and BTS videos. She was so excited about her classroom until no one joined.

I asked her “Gracie have you shared the classroom with anyone else and asked them to join?”

She didn’t think anyone would be interested and instead lamented that no one was showing up on their own accord. I taught her that you can’t find what you don’t know is there and that if she wanted people to interact she needed to really take the reins of destiny and put herself out there.

Bloggers are the same way.

Some of us are just fine writing in our corners, but just as many of us are cries in the night asking for others to care. We write our passion, our fears, our cares and hopes and dreams waiting for someone to stop by and just say “hey, I feel the same way too sometimes.”

If you don’t put yourself out there, if you don’t self promote, no one will ever find you. We do this through small chores such as sharing our posts on other platforms, tagging in different methods, interacting, and basically just playing the game to get noticed. You shouldn’t feel ashamed of wanting what so many others also want as well.

We just want to be heard.

-Opinionated Man