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Facebook Help

I started using Facebook again. I know… bad idea. I am trying not to “care” about all the stupid shit I see on there. It isn’t really hard to ignore Facebook for me because I’ve never been in love with that platform. People have far too much time to argue on there. https://www.facebook.com/aopinionatedman/?view_public_for=212884802202999 I am… Read More »

Social Media – Control You

The best part about social media is that you get to control yourself and the actions you take. Those that lack self-control find this out much quicker than those with restraint because of the backlash that often accompanies whimsical online actions. I have not been the best example when it comes to self-control online and… Read More »

Unimportant Me

I revel in the fact that I am unimportant because if I “mattered” then I would have to watch what I say. I will never run for political office, will never be Star Fleet Commander, and will never appear on TV to defend my views. I have always found it amusing how “random people” get… Read More »

Blogging – Sociable Media

I enjoy social media because of the sociable nature of it. As a parent and a graveyard worker, I rarely get to meet “new people” in person. I use the freedom of the borderless online world to interact and get my daily “human fix.” The blogosphere is as sociable as you want it to be.… Read More »

Blogging, WordPress, Goals & Doubters

I have been blogging through the tired for over a year now. We all hit the ceiling of motivation eventually and then we must decide what is important to us. Why do we blog? Why do we keep blogging? For me it has always been simple and I have had a general idea of my… Read More »

Blogging isn’t Writing

I feel the need to clarify my last post about blogging because it reads like it may possibly be a contradiction to what I have said before. Blogging isn’t writing. For me blogging takes the “form” of writing because I love to write, but blogging is really presenting “any materiel” to an audience. That can… Read More »

I do what I can

I do what I can for other bloggers. Not because I want or expect praise. I simply do what I wish some of the larger blogs would have done for me when I started. Recognize I existed. -OM

Book Promotion: Author, D.B. Mauldin – Bashful Betsy

Betsy is a character that has been with me for a long time. Over the years, she changed, developed, and grew along with my daughters and my oldest granddaughters, before finally coming into her own.  She, now, has her own coming of age problems to face, adventures to explore, and plenty of romance to discover!… Read More »

WordPress – Blogging Alone

There are times when I consider forming a “team” on this blog. Most of the popular blogs with high traffic have a group of contributors to keep their material fresh for their readers. I often wonder if my posts get boring to people that get used to my humor… if any get it at all.… Read More »

Book Promotions – The Wolf Pack Moon

Cover art by Richard Rensberry, cover design by Bri Bruce http://amzn.to/1PjFD6P The lion’s share of the poems contained in this book was written under the influence of the wolf pack moon during the months of January and February of 2015. This is the name of the winter moon as given by the Algonquin Indians that… Read More »