I’ve had many obsessions in my life. Most of them involved pouring something, but I also had a very bad gambling habit for a bit there.

It feels nice to finally see what I’ve “bought” for a change. To appreciate what I’ve worked hard for. So many bills wasted on chips and chasing big money dreams, so many dollars wasted on pints and handles of different names. It is kind of like going to Target for women. They always spend around $100 dollars and the next day most can’t recall what they bought. Actually the two are nothing alike.

I am not a wealthy person, so it is nice to finally find habits that make me feel like I’m accomplishing something. My current obsessions, not new to anyone that follows my media, are watches, ties, and shoes. I started buying shoes because I was already being dragged to DSW almost weekly by my wife… so why not buy something while I’m there? It’s better than kicking rocks. And who doesn’t like a pair of new kicks?

So now I’m a shoe guy apparently, but that’s okay in my book. A good pair of shoes is worth it.




I see between the sheets.

Silhouettes of you and me.

A fine line for eyes to see.

Of movements only you and I can breathe.

We don’t even need these sheets.

The night air is safe to see.

As our bodies cling between.

And memories are made with me.





Dear Parents,

If you use the drop off lane at school for your kids please ensure you are following the proper procedure. If you have to get out of your car to help little billy out of his car seat you should be using the “take your ass to the parking lot” lane.

Not the drop off lane.

The drop off lane is for independent children that can quickly get out of the car so their parent can get his ass to work on time to make his 8:15 am meeting. That parent misses his meeting when little billy is actually baby billy and now your car just held everyone up! And you didn’t even pull up so others could drop off too, you stopped at the bend of the curve and kept everyone else lined up in the street while you gave hugs…

Jerk wagon.

Note: Obviously I have no idea what their real names were.




I looked upon a black cloud. It did not go away.

I placed in it all my pain. Still it stayed.

Shining rays of sun. It did not care.

My black cloud waved. Like her black hair.

I tried to dance between the rain. My falling bits of pain.

Tried to forget her name, till it drove me insane.

Now all that’s left is this black cloud. Won’t you go away?

My hanging memory of emotion felt. Your exit here to stay.