I looked upon a black cloud. It did not go away.

I placed in it all my pain. Still it stayed.

Shining rays of sun. It did not care.

My black cloud waved. Like her black hair.

I tried to dance between the rain. My falling bits of pain.

Tried to forget her name, till it drove me insane.

Now all that’s left is this black cloud. Won’t you go away?

My hanging memory of emotion felt. Your exit here to stay.




Where are my collectors at??

There aren’t many bloggers that work as hard as this blogger! Check her work out! -OM
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❤️ Clara Martinez ❤️ Origami Owl Custom Jewelry- it’s not JUST jewelry

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These 4 charms are the September customer special. The corn stalk, the scarecrow, the pumpkin and the crystals!! Take your fall jewelry looks to the next level.

If don’t wear jewelry- you can still get these and put them in a locket and wear it on your keychain or use the stick it locket and put it on your phone or fridge.

You want to add these to your collection for sure!

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~

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*Press it* Picture Battle – OM vs Cyra, the sigh fight! #46

Well she will definitely win with this kind of support…
Photo battles are supposed to be fought with honor, like jousting for coins! Boo! LoL 😒 -OM
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Its good to be crazy Sometimes

Cyranny has a battle going on, but I have a feeling her photo will win it via Picture Battle – OM vs Cyra, the sigh fight!

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Old Friends

I’ll admit.

I love it when old blogger friends stop by. It lets me know that my site is still working because… we’ve had issues with that in the past. Kind of like when we tried that virtual bar Linda? I enjoyed seeing you too Lou and I often wonder what Nav is doing.

I’ve got Gary. (No we did break up, again my humor is taken the wrong way!) I’ve got Jim and that other Jim and him and him…

I know the rest of you are busy blogging away. I’ve been there.

I don’t know everyone’s name and I have a suspicion some of you are really dudes with women’s names.

I don’t judge.

That’s cool.




As part of me cries into your hand.

You make me want more,

you make me want more.

Let’s do it all again.

My fingers walk the fine line between you and I.

A circle of want, as we want what we want.

Can I feel inside?

I feel you now, a firm grip around me.

You can feel it too.

Let’s do it all again, you whisper softly.

As I make love to you.

-Opinionated Man



Blogger Breakups

You never think about breaking up when it comes to blogging, but it happens. I recall a time when I had a blogger buddy, let’s call him Gary for fun, and he was a Dad blogger. Super pro dad this and that and men and go male go!

I, kind of like an idiot but it is too late now, decided on the pen name Opinionated Man and therefore instantly attracted these super male types. I’ve shared though that I’m a father of two girls and more importantly, I have some personal morales that keep me from doing what some people do and think. I have my own opinions.

I’m not sure what the argument was about the final day. It could have been over Peyton Manning for all I know because I’ve been in real arguments over Peyton Manning and I don’t take that topic lightly. So if the bastard slandered Peyton then we probably did fight, but now that I’m thinking about it… that couldn’t of been it.

Because he said “you are supposed to be a dad blogger and support me back.”

I still don’t know what that meant…

I guess that was a blogger breakup?