11 years

11 years together.

Couldn’t imagine it with anyone else.


I also bought the special today!

I have a feeling this is it!

One time!!!

-Opinionated Man



I don’t understand how a lawn mower just dies…

Useless piece of shit! It isn’t even that old!

I guess I could try using the snowblower.

Fucking seriously…


There’s something in the stars.

And it’s written from afar.

Another knowing heart.

That’s beaten with yours from the start.

I can see it in the stars.

A whispered shout in the night.

It makes me feel like a Star.

Like someone’s wishing on me tonight.





This Michelle Carter story just kills me.

Basically this girl becomes friends with and gains the trust of a depressed boy. She then coerces him into following through with his depression and attempts at suicide. When he gets scared while killing himself with carbon monoxide poisoning in his car in the garage, she commands him to get back in the car and see the deed done. She manipulates him and tells him his family will understand why he did it. They’d be sad, but they’d move on.

This case was a few years ago and she just got her sentence. 15 months. And she cried.

If everyone in the world had a friend like her half of us would be dead. It only takes a sliver of encouragement to kill yourself when you’ve reached the mark.

What she did was evil. What she did was murder.

I really can’t get over this case, probably because of my own past. I know one thing though!!! I’m glad she wasn’t my girlfriend.


-Opinionated Man



You never love someone fully right away.

I love you more and more each day.

Those that fall into love, fall out of love.

And then move on from love.

We seem to find it each day.

Even if we have to make it some days.

That’s real love to me.