Daily Denver

We miss you Peyton.


I miss you.

I sometimes take your card out and look at it. Normally when He Who Will Not Be Named is playing. When that’s not enough we chat of course… here…

You haven’t returned any of my texts yet, you must have a new number.


Your biggest fan.




If you are wondering, “god did that just happen?”

Yes it did.


I could shine a light into the night.

But why would I want to see the night?

Even when I close my eyes it’s not right.

The dreams. The night terrors. It’s never right.

I could run a mile but never gain an inch.

Just an inch. Half an inch.

I’ll take what I can get.





I bet on myself and I succeeded.

It feels good.

When I went to Memphis I was in the middle of compliance. If you are in finance or Healthcare you feel my pain. Auditing, compliance, or security operations examination can be excruciating if you run a team. I work in FINTECH (financial technical industry) and it can be hell.

Today I made the deadline.

The deadline was today.

That was closer than I anticipated…

This scotch smells like victory.




Memory eternal

Quick trip to M town for the funeral. It was definitely a sad one, but it was also good to see all my friends from Jackson I haven’t seen in a long time.

It’s a stark reminder of how old my friends and I are getting, and how old our parents are.

It’s never easy when someone passes. It’s very hard when it is your best friend’s mom.