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I had family out there. Real people. Not the family of your imagination or the family you would stubbornly conceive mentally because every adoptee has done that. I had proof that two people existed that were physically related to me and I finally had an answer to why I was adopted, but it only brought more questions. It brought another feeling, a feeling I was fighting to be fair. Why did I suddenly feel so angry? Maybe she couldn’t have taken care of two children and my sister was older. Did that matter to me? I wasn’t sure exactly how I felt, but I couldn’t deny the growing feeling inside.

My thoughts were interrupted by a gentle hand on my shoulder. A reminder once again that I was sitting in the office at the orphanage I had been adopted from when I was three years old. The starting place of my journey in life until this revelation which now showed that path to the past was much longer for me than I had previously known.

The director of the orphanage placed a second book in front of the eyes I only wished to shut. As he flipped through the pages I could tell, even though it was written in hangul, that it was some type of guest log from the numbers and what looked like addresses with them. He finally arrived at the page he was seeking and dragged his finger until he reached a box near the middle of the page.

“This your mother’s entry when she signed out for your sister. Her name is Kim Ie Soo and she listed her address as well which is procedure for signing out a child.”

The words “she listed her address as well” instantly stood out to me and I starred at her name. I said her name to myself, not daring to speak, and I instantly wondered if she was still living there with my sister. Was it really that simple? Could I find the answer to my personal mystery within a few moments of discovering it existed? The hope must have shown on my face because the director paused before hurriedly speaking again in broken English.

I can take you there.”

Jason C. Cushman

-Opinionated Man



Do You

I had someone try to lecture me once about how I was squandering my platform and wasting it by posting needless bullshit.

I agreed of course.

I have the worst blog.

I should give a fuck about the whales. I should feed everyone in the world. I should save the mermaids. I should pick up all the trash that pollutes the planet. I should fix everyone’s problems.

I’m getting to it.

-Opinionated Man



Figuring It Out

I needed a smile. Thanks. 🙂
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Thank you to Ultimate travel for nominating me. My first and only nomination. I suck at this but will try my best.

1/ I sleep talk.

2/ I love variety and being naughty.

3/ I love ice cream, rum and raisin is my favourite though salted caramel comes a close second.

4/  I love junk food. Anything deep fried, pizza, donuts. Well may be I just love food in general.

5/ I used to suck my thumb bad when I was little thus one thumb is longer than the other.

6/ I suck at…

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I will watch the movie IT soon! That was the scariest movie when I was a kid. I remember the clown, the balloons, the blood, but also the thrill of the storyline where only you and your childhood friends know what is going on and can stop the evil! That was so cool to me as a kid and is what makes it such a great movie! I hear the new one is great! I might even write a rare movie review.

I am not as hopeful about the Big Trouble in Little China remake (one of my all time favorite classics) with The Rock staring in it. And I like him in some movies.