Blogging stats

I enjoy watching blogs grow up. That includes in their content and in their numbers.

It also includes the new and different ways they choose to blog each day. I’ve always admired people that can start a challenge or prompt that keeps going forever, so long in fact that thousands of bloggers now claim they did the first one!

Those are the blog farts worth mentioning and innovation is so rare in social media even though the possibilities are endless. That’s a bit depressing if you think about it.

If you want to catch a reader’s eye… blog from the hip. Show us something new. Show us you.




Why is everyone apologizing on this finale.

Yes, we are watching this on Hulu a little late.

This is so painful to watch because I’m sitting on a lego. I wish my kids would put their toys up.

I would love to be dating someone and have the entire world critique and criticize everything you do. This is so enjoyable…


This is kind of like live tweeting I guess. I’m not big on twitter, but it feels like it. Live blogging by bloggers that are alive seems pretty normal actually.

I take it back

Ok, I take it back.

I’m into the bachelorette now and I don’t agree with what Becca said about his mental status. I formed my opinion after reading all the angry articles on of course. Written by bloggers.

Now I’m angry too.

And for those of you snickering and saying “oh my god… opinionated man watches girly shows…”

… yea I do watch shows with girls on it.

If I wanted to see a dude I’d visit Gary’s site.



After reading my post again I realize that it could be misconstrued so I removed it. The offending post, photo below, was written because I had a bad day. I’m not allowed to write bad things anymore so it is gone…

Some might say posts never die. Well that isn’t true… they go where my other 23,451 posts went. If they don’t die, find them. Tell them I still love em all and wish them the best. I only deleted them because it was the right thing to do and I am trying to do more right things. I went running, twice, this month and if you know me… that’s a fucking miracle. It is more incredible that the people of Denver didn’t wake up to a newspaper article about a dead Korean IT worker/semi-social sorta blogger that was dumb enough to exert himself for no reason. It happened though.

I binge watched two shows with my wife and now one of my favorite shows on Netflix is Meteor Garden. I really enjoy it, which is a good thing because right now we are watching the bachelorette and it sucks donkey nuts. I don’t blame the show either. I just wanna see people joust for love again. Literally, in armor and everything. Now that’s a show I can get behind.

Anyways, Meteor Garden is great…

I’ve been browsing sites and checking on people I know and are still around. I don’t always comment, but I like a good read between meetings in the office.

Don’t ask if you made the list, if you have to ask you probably didn’t…