When you reblog a photo blog or photo blog template it places almost all their photos into your reblog. You then have to go back and remove their content or you are now hosting their photos. Even though I remove the comments from reblogs so people have to visit the original to discuss it, this has still posed a problem for me since I started using WordPress.

I’ve been blogging since 2013, started reblogging people in 2015 – now I do it to share the love and share some posts. I don’t want to host your content, like all of us that reblog we are sharing things we find interest in to our own reader list and Reader.

I am going to start deleting the photos connected to the reblog even if it leaves an ugly black box. This will probably decrease the amount I reblog, but I’ve decided against hosting any content “inadvertently” on this blog if I can help it. I’ll keep reblogging though because I know it might bring a smile to someone’s day. Such little effort to spread a little joy… whatever.

Every photo on this blog is mine and I’ll work to remove the photos from the reblogs I’ve done in the past.

-Opinionated Man




You learn new things everyday. So I made my own “list” on twitter finally because I couldn’t separate the real tweets from the spam tweets. The adult advertisements are usually pretty clear…

So if you got a notice that I added you to a list that is why…

It isn’t a confessional group. Stop confessing things to all of us on Twitter Gary, we don’t care!! 😒


Twitter @smokendust

@smokendust is my twitter name. That’s why I write this over and over under my signature… is doesn’t have to do with smoking or drugs…

I Commit to You my Follwers

I’ve never been called a Master before! Thanks for the shout out! -OM
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Hook and Sew by Liza

I have notice that my blog is’nt as active as I would like it to be. I want this blog to focus more on my buisness growth and to basically show and tell on the projects I have made. Not finishing my projects in a quickly as some more experience crocheters I can’t post multiply times a week as I’ll like. Keeping my blog true to what I originally intended it to be is harder than I thought but not impossible. I had a different blog a while back and I followed the teachings of what I consider the master of the blog worldA Opinionated Man. Following his techniques I managed to get a nice following and interactive blog.

I have not been doing that in this case. My past blog was more of writing, opinions and thoughts. This blog as I previously stated want it to be…

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Blog Update

I have decided to share some posts again and reblog where I can. I don’t have a ton of time, but I like to share the posts I read and like.

If you don’t want me to reblog you let me know. Email or comment is fine.

I removed all the old reblogs and some old posts. Moving forward.



Could I count the ways you show me love? Far easier to measure how much I love you. It is hard to believe it has been nine years of marriage. Tracing our transitions through the hugs, shoves, tugs, and love that life gives us. It is our life, the life we have lived together.

We say “I will love you forever,” but loving forever is hard. It can be difficult to love forever and ever through whatever, but we do it through marriage. We do it through love. I don’t know how you have lasted nine years with me when I have barely lasted thirty-five years with myself.

For that alone I love you. Forever.

Happy 9th anniversary See.