You learn new things everyday. So I made my own “list” on twitter finally because I couldn’t separate the real tweets from the spam tweets. The adult advertisements are usually pretty clear…

So if you got a notice that I added you to a list that is why…

It isn’t a confessional group. Stop confessing things to all of us on Twitter Gary, we don’t care!! 😒


Twitter @smokendust

@smokendust is my twitter name. That’s why I write this over and over under my signature… is doesn’t have to do with smoking or drugs…


I’m on twitter, but I do NOT use the Opinionated Man handle anymore @aopinionatedman.

You can find me on twitter @smokendust. I’m also on Instagram, tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, G+, YouTube, trillian, Facebook, bnet, and homestead.

I can be reached by email at any time.

I do NOT use messenger on any of those platforms. I’m married and won’t fall for that trap.




Twitter War

Today we shall set the goal of starting a Twitter War. Maybe Save the Asparagus? Or something better?

This is all in good fun people. We aren’t actually going to war… Or are we…

Happy Friday! Well my Friday.

Arm yourselves! Gary… Gary in the front. We don’t want you accidentally swinging yours at someone’s ass again man.



I Don’t Care How Many Followers You Have

I can honestly say I don’t care how many “followers” people have. I view bloggers as one and the same on this platform. It was not always so. The first year I blogged I kept a close eye on a single blogger who motivated me to push myself harder. I was in awe at how quickly all his numbers rose, not just the subscriber number. It was because of this blogger that I realized “active networking” and “passive networking” were totally different things.

I don’t care how many subscribers someone has. It doesn’t impress me anymore, doesn’t intimidate me, doesn’t make me stop for a single second. What I am impressed with is active engagement on a website. If I see hundreds of comments on a post that is only half the action to me. The other half is what the blog owner does in turn… do they respond? Do they sit and shine over the glory and never lift a finger to thank their obvious fans? What is their attitude and how do they carry their social influence? That is far more important to me than what a single number represents on another blog. Were you aware that some bloggers consider the comment section on their blogs for “guests only” and that is why they don’t respond or write there?

There is so much about social media that amuses me. How big the egos get and how important it is to people to gain recognition. I am a fan of allowing recognition to find you from the deeds you do daily. We all start from the same number and progress through the same path at different speeds. It is not a competition and I have never viewed blogging as such. All of you out there are not my competitors in our quest to gain readers. That is why I freely share information and give advice. Only assholes hope to keep everyone below them so they alone can reap the reward.

To be clear, my numbers mean everything to me. I work on them, I focus on them, and I work to make them better. I simply don’t care about YOUR numbers and why should I? Blogging is an anybody’s club and you don’t need to wear a mark of popularity to be accepted. At least that isn’t how it should be. I know some bloggers hawk the platforms for certain focus groups and that is great if it works for them. I have one focus group. Bloggers.

-Opinionated Man

Jason C. Cushman

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