Blogging from phone

I blog from my phone a ton. That means most of the time you are all here

with me… or here

yes those are my toys obviously.

Sometimes I blog here

but mostly I’m just a pirate in your mind.

Jal ja all.




I struggle

I struggle with the need. I fight it after the need is addressed… it is a losing battle I have lost. Sometimes it feels like being addicted to addiction. I try to cut myself a break; I try to see myself through the need.

I struggle. Life struggles back. We fight a little bit and then kiss and make up. I fight to let the struggle know I am alive. That I still own my own resolve. The fight back lets me know it is an active struggle. I strive to keep my head above that struggle.

I live. And that is all I can hope to do. I smile at all the smiles I’ve let die. I struggle to remember what those smiles look like.

I struggle and then smile some more.





A Writer’s Life (Mom Wednesdays)

I can relate a lot to this post. We write because we love to and we find the time because we must. 🙂 -OM
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Millennial Mrs. and Mom


I have been writing since I was fifteen years old. I never planned on loving writing so much. In fact, the first book I wrote was because I wanted to see if I could write a book because I thought it was an interesting challenge. That book ended up turning into a book series. I wrote other short stories and novels along the way as well. My writing improved ten fold when I entered college and studied creative and dramatic writing at SCAD. For a while I wasn’t writing for various reasons, and now I am writing every day. I write at least two to three articles a day, while trying to work on a secret project that subscribers know about. All the while trying to get this done before Jak gets home.

Some people may either think three articles a day is nothing, or they might think that writing…

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Reflecting Souls

Growth from blogging. It does make me wonder what kind of smudge I would be… -OM
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Mah Butt Itches

Inspired by a comment convo with Honest KAlmost a year ago – to the day, I wrote in my Live Journal about Reflecting Souls.  I just re-read the post, and my first reaction was, fuck me, I used to write too long – it was 3k words! The second reaction was I’m really kind of blown away with how much I have learned since.

Call it synchronicity if you’re a Jung fan or a new age-r, call it fate, call it dharma, but there’s plenty of theories out there that coincidence is not a coincidence.  I used to say, “everything happens for a reason”, but I realized that is both a cop out, and it opens the door for me to obsessively find the reason.  Einstein said it best, “God does not play dice with the Universe.” A lot of people misinterpret that: he’s not talking about God…

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Blogging Debate

I had a kind visitor today who dropped by and let me know he or she didn’t understand how I got so many subscribers by posting a single photo with no words. The photo was mine though.

I dropped by their blog.

The first post I saw was by this blogger in which they translated writing by another author and acted as if they had done something great. This is the same type of post as the people who quote the Bible or someone famous and then wait for all their readers to comment on how “relevant their quote is today.”

That’s lame as shit. I’d rather post a single photo that I took with no words… than post someone else’s words and try to look like I wrote them.

But you do you pumpkin. And I never asked for your input on my blogging. Fuck off.

-Opinionated Man


Here’s the photo again you hated. If you actually used your brain and read what the photo says you’d understand why I cared. Kiss my ass.