What is the best way to interact with bloggers?

This is a great reminder not to forget about the silent readers! Nice post! -OM
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Jean's Writing

Do you engage with drive-by readers?

If not, maybe you should.


Because others, like myself, may be drive-by readers. drive 01

That means reading on the run. Waiting in line, waiting for to pick up grandkids, or in the dentist/doctors office. And almost always I read on my phone.


The absence of a comment doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the blog post. Simply means I wasn’t in a place to write one. Typing on my cell phone is not easy.

And even though we’re all very busy with the holidays, remember to read and click the “like” button. Means a lot to bloggers everywhere.

A post by OPINIONATED MAN encouraged me to do more.

So I’m going to start with an apology.

sorry badI’m sorry if I’ve disappointed any of my readers. I’ve read many posts but sometimes failed to click the “like” button. Just because I’m on the run doesn’t mean I…

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Outgrowing An Audience

I am honestly not sure if that is the correct phrase I am looking for. It feels like it though. Have you ever felt like you have outgrown an audience? Like you have nothing else to offer and they have seen all your tricks?

As bloggers we inadvertently become “entertainers” to a society that needs to be entertained. A sure sign of failing in this endeavor is when your audience stops visiting… at least I have begun to suspect that to be true. Part of the reason I push myself to write against my comfort zone is because I like to change it up. I never want readers of this blog to become complacent and to ever be able to guess what I will write next. The day that happens will be the day this blog has become one word – boring as fuck.

Can you outgrow an audience? Can an audience outgrow you? It might seem like a silly question, but I am a fan of theorizing on the silly. At 55,000 subscribers people assume I no longer have to work at networking. They assume readers line up in a virtual line outside my blog like they are waiting for concert tickets. It isn’t so. I wish it were!

I have honestly found that as your audience grows people begin to fall off quickly. They assume you don’t have time for them and their blog anymore. Often this may be true for most bloggers… but I am not most bloggers. I will never be like “most bloggers.”

The difference between someone that grabs a dream and someone that waits for that dream is all based on drive in my book. Do you wait for the tooth fairy to bring you a dollar or do you sit up at night and wait for his ass to come through your window so you can shake that wannabe angel down for all his quarters. That is drive to me. That is the focus I try to put into my blogging each day. That is what I respect.

-Opinionated Man

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Thank You Rabiyabutt!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I notice when a person dives into my posts. It isn’t just the string of “likes” either, but also the comments on the posts that connect with them. I simply love watching someone enjoy my work. It thrills me, it motivates me, and it inspires me to create more content. Call me egotistical if you must, but I truly feel there is nothing more motivating than seeing apparent appreciation for what you do.

Thank you to my new reader rabiyabutt and all the bloggers that come back daily to visit my site. It means a lot to me and I do try to make my “rounds” and reach other people’s blogs in return. In blogging you get back what you put in.

-Opinionated Man


The Daily Opinion – Fans???

I keep being told I have “fans, mindless drone followers, and even worshipers.” I was wondering if all those fitting into these categories could raise their hand so I can be amused.

I have readers… just like everyone else does. People find funny ways of justifying why others don’t agree with them. Suddenly it isn’t necessarily that “a group disagrees” it is more likely that the blogger Opinionated Man has some type of mind control over his audience and he causes them to spout their agreement with him against their will. That sounds about right…

Sometimes I wonder why the earth doesn’t reject humanity like a fart… shooting us into space.


That Song

This won’t make any sense, my bad…?

I hear it playing, reminds me of the club and the shades of smoky grey. The line between realities, I revel in the feeling now. There it is again, a flash of image sparkling along visionary lines. Taking me there, back. Like a rose found, plucked, and then left… burning the image is simple when revolt of the mind occurs. The brain supersedes the soul and revolution’s banner is raised. It plays a sad song, like a saxophonist on a warm evening. When the mood is right and the feet do dance, how they dance. Dusty floors meet sparkling ball rooms to cascade as fireworks in my mind. And still the music plays, that song… you.