A basic rant

I get 72% of my paycheck every two weeks.

The other 28% disappears, an offering to the overlords and demigods that oversee things. I live in America, so I assume someone is getting a new golden toilet seat or some other trinket. And please no one leave a comment saying “well at least you get a paycheck.” If we let all the “buts” and “at least” statements keep us from a good rant there would be nothing to talk about.

Whenever I take the time to login to workday and actually look at the details of my pay it makes me mad. 72% and somehow the government doesn’t have enough money is what I always hear. Somehow my kids and possibly me won’t get social security even though it’s a basic fund for our citizenship that you can only withdraw from at a certain age, yet all tax paying brackets contribute to. So how does a well we should all be dropping water in and controlling who takes it out go dry? That’s basic math, it shouldn’t happen.

In a land of justice, you can still have a world of corruption and any country with a government will have that.

I imagine when you sit all day at your government job and see big digit figures that aren’t yours you become callous at some point. It’s the very reason bankers and investors get caught for fraud all the time. And in a corporation so big it is called the Federal Government, why not take a dime here or a quarter here or there when you know for a fact it’s impossible to track. Those dimes and quarters were so easy to take, why not a dollar now? Or a million… one time.

I get 72% of my paycheck and don’t see the benefit of the 28% because I’m feeding someone else’s greed. And it’s bullshit.

That’s my basic rant for the day.




From yahoo.com.

Rehomed him… like a pet dog. After using this kid to make money on videos and then “it got to be too much so we gave him away.” WoW.

Some people deserve to go to hell.

Adoption isn’t a hobby you just decide one day you don’t want to do. And you run a YouTube channel trying to teach people about parenting and family values? I hope they lose all their monetary advertisements and have to get real jobs.

They should be ashamed. And “Rehomed” isn’t even a real word.

Makes me furious.

-Opinionated Man

Toilet paper woes

Well apparently this toilet paper craze is a real thing in the states.

Instead of a beer run I went on a toilet paper run with a co worker to Costco and they were totally out! The Costco employee gave me the look when I asked as if to say “you are about 3 hours late moron.”

Then I find this on Amazon…

This should be illegal like up selling water bottles during a natural disaster. Seriously! That’s twice the amount for the comfort of my butt.

I’m thinking of opening a business selling gently used toilet paper on Amazon. I think I could make good money.

-Opinionated Man

Dear WordPress

Your new update for the mobile app sucks.

I know you are trying to make it like publisher or some Microsoft product, but I can’t edit my photos now on it. Multi fields aren’t cool when you just want to write!!!

Fix it.

I know it probably works on the computer, but I haven’t posted from there in two years. Stop making my posts look amateurish because I can’t edit my tag photo or any photo now. They already look bad enough with my crappy writing.

I know your people are probably super busy moderating dumb forums no one cares about and trying to look important. Pay your engineers more and someone fix this bullshit.

How hard is it to code an edit button?

-Opinionated Man

See how dumb this huge tag looks now? I can’t make it smaller anymore!!!

I didn’t come here to make friends

Disclaimer: Multiple usages of the word Fuck, a few Damns, and I may have said Shit once.

I work in the IT world as a director. I run team members from Arizona, to Colorado, to Pune India. The reason I’m good at my job is because I don’t go to work each day with the mindset that I’m going to make a new friend that day. I’m a deadline oriented guy who is driven to meet goals and obligations I’ve set for myself and my team. I actually used that same mindset here on this blog when I built it seven years ago.

I didn’t make any friends yesterday.

We are on this project to remediate servers and currently we are stuck on two boxes for a product team that controls terminal downloads. We were given the task late in the game to in place these boxes to 2012 because they failed to find a way to push them over to new 2016 boxes. It’s a long story, but suffice to say that apparently my name is on the side of the building and it became my job to look after the entire fucking infrastructure of the whole damn world. That’s fine, even though I’m director of Release Management twice and file load Broomfield, if you want me to hold the very fibers of the world together I can do that too. I have two hands.

I asked for a weekday window to do this work. I was denied by product and was told we need to do this over the weekend, particularly Sunday since God isn’t busy that day. Sure boss, it’s your world, and I know my guys can do it so I told product yes. This was all dependent on us getting the development box upgraded and getting sign off yesterday though. I swear I’m going somewhere with this, just stick with me.

So we spend all day working through an issue we hadn’t seen to beat the status call at noon. Over the past year and a half my guys have done over 150 boxes in place and we hadn’t seen an application or software yet treat 2012 any different from the 2008 OS, but the stupid fucking application wouldn’t run its service and we were stuck. So we were knocking at it, one team on the call with the vendor, the other team was working with me trying reinstalls and such.

We hadn’t found a solution by the time I got on the noon call, so I asked for another hour. We still hadn’t found an answer by 1 pm, so I braced myself and got on the call anyways.

The product manager immediately starts digging in that we need to “no go” this weekend release and even named the call “Showstopper.” Keep in mind that I have till the 16th to close this damn project, and if you’re bad at math that doesn’t give me another Sunday window. I pointed this out to him and asked if we could continue to troubleshoot and get Saturday support tomorrow on testing from his product testers.

“Well Jason… there’s only five business days and you guys don’t even have a solution in sight.”

I About Lost It.

Are you fucking kidding me man? Only five business days, well aren’t we lucky that Korean Jesus gave us seven damn days in the week. The seventh day being the one you already wrangled me into forcing my guys to work, so don’t give me this bullshit about business days when we’ve already moved past that window.

I politely told him, in my normal forceful way, that it behooves is all to allow the trained technicians we have to find this solution. It is also only 1 o’clock, let’s give them time. We aren’t calling this yet.

Fucking kidding me, tapping out in the 3rd round when we have 9 to go? I’ll never be a follower of that weak mindset.

10 minutes after the call we found the solution on one site and performed the solution on the following after.

Never say die.

So yea… no new friends this week. Get the fuck outa here with that shit. And I have to work another Sunday.

Fuck me.

-Opinionated Man