I uninstall my accounts from my phone every month. Then reinstall them a few days later! Hahahaha! -OM
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Unicorn Rhino

I’m soooo OVER social media!

Yes, I am included in the mass followers of social media. Yes, I have accounts in a few platforms. Yes, I spend abundant amounts of my time on them daily. No, I do not particularly find mindless scrolling on Facebook enjoyable or engaging. No, Snapchat is not then end all be all of comedy. Yes, Pinterest has some neat ideas. Instagram, meh. Well, that pretty much sums up my not so impressive social media forums. I mean, I did at one point have MySpace but I’m certain all of that is lost somewhere in cyberspace.


Awe, MySpace! Such a fond memory. I think MySpace was the introductory social media platform for most people in my demographic group. Oh, the days of old! Ha. A space online for yourself! Fill it with who and what you want!

It was new, seemingly uncharted territory. Create a…

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No double dipping

Can you believe people don’t actually know what double dipping is?

And it doesn’t only apply to chips and salsa, pizza, and cotton candy.

For example, below are one of my favorite snacks the pistachio nut.

As a kid I didn’t like them. I tasted this tiny bit of tartness at the end that turned me off and I already had honey roasted peanuts so I was good. I love pistachios… but not after I watch you double dipping!

Oh you don’t know how to double dip with nuts? That’s when you pick up four or five of them because they are hard to open like this one 

and you throw it back into the bowl because you don’t want to waste it.


People will even grab a handful of mixed nuts, pick out the few they like, and then throw the rest back in! Covered in their humanness! That’s why you don’t eat bar nuts…

Anyways. There you have it. Don’t do it.



Random Fun Ideas

1 – Beating people at games is always fun. Going to Gamestop or Target and beating all the kids on the free game consoles is just rewarding.

2 – See how long they keep the Chinese buffet “all you can eat” for you.

3 – Give your significant other gifts that you really want. That’s always fun.

4 – For Halloween next year do like I did and hand out math worksheets instead. Fun! Only had ten doorbell rings that night. I wonder if the word got out on the street.

5 – Take a snow day in June. If you live in Denver it may work!

6 – Tell your boss you just reached a level 53 knighthood and deserve a raise. Now!

7 – Play catch with your Peyton Manning fathead. Yes, I do.



Hell froze

I actually watched some baseball last night and saw some of the best baseball I’ve ever seen. I’m still not convinced it wasn’t a movie, baseball can’t be that exciting…

Anyone that has read this blog knows I can’t stand baseball. This was a big deal for me.


The nine different blogs that give you blogging envy

I always appreciate the kind mention Milly!
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Milly Schmidt

So I was perusing through Discover, when I came across The Well-Thumbed Reader and found her post on 9 Stressful Blogging Situations (And how to solve them). At one point Mikaela mentioned ‘blogging envy’, causing me to immediately remember all the different instances that I too, had faced a monster with eyes of a particular shade of green.

Feeling jealous is often viewed as a very icky, shameful feeling to experience, yet we all face it at some point in our lives (like, every day?) Many people would prefer to gloss over such feelings and pretend they don’t exist, looking down on others who admit such feelings.

I’m guilty of this too.

BUT, I think that envy can be a great motivator if taken the right way (I don’t want to be endorsing jealous fits of rage that might result in murder), as envy is the very reason I’ve…

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It isn’t fair…

I hate singing shows like the Idol, The Voice, AMGT, and the X Factor. You know the shows where kids get to audition and sing their hearts out for a shot at stardom. I can’t stand those programs…

They Make Me So Jealous!

I was a singer as a kid and sang professionally with the Memphis Boys Choir till I lost my voice. Yes, I sang soprano till I was almost sixteen and realized it wasn’t cool to sing like a girl. At least back then it wasn’t. A kid could get beat up for singing like that…

I loved music and I had a strong voice. Not like the one I have now that sounds like I shoved gravel down my throat and it is rattling every time I talk. I was actually a decent singer and was in a few plays as well. I don’t know if I would have auditioned for one of those shows if they were around when I was a child… but it isn’t fair that I didn’t get the chance!

I am sure someone older than me is going to use some older example about how great I must have had it as a child because they were kicking rocks for fun down the street and running from tigers in a forest.

Boohoo… this is my pity post. Yours is down the hall.