Should this watch be worn by a male or female?

In other words… do I need to give this to my wife? I ordered it on impulse online…

Yes that’s my wrist. I have small ones.

-Opinionated Man



I don’t mind politics and people arguing. I don’t mind the hate and the anger, humans will be human, humans will be stupid.

What I mind is missing half my TV show for absolutely nothing.

I start to care then…


It must be privilege

I do most of the grocery shopping for my household. I know where stuff is in Costco, Walmart, K Soopers, and Target and can get in and out quickly.

Sometimes when I’m shopping I notice people doing things… things I could never get away with. I know this because my wife has had her purse checked and I’ve been stopped as well myself by store security for no reason.

All random checks of course.

I notice occasionally people eating food they are “going to buy,” but haven’t bought yet. You know, like the clear plastic thing of cookies some worker at the store made. I watched as this one individually ate cookie after cookie until they were almost gone, I wasn’t following them I needed prunes. Other times it’s the pound cake and someone’s eating gobbling it down and giving it to their kid too.

I get it. They were probably hungry. But, it must be a privilege because if I tried that I’d be arrested for theft. I have no doubt of that.

I think there are people, there was a movie once about it, that calculate the danger level of a situation so no one does it. I’d give “minority eating food before purchasing said food” a danger level of – don’t be an idiot. I wouldn’t try that at home.

Must be a privilege…




A black and white world, that’s what they say.

I guess I’m the yellow in the middle next to that mayonnaise.

I don’t care what they say.

I’m just trying to play.

I just get nervous when I read verses and we’re all missing…




Reasons Why People Follow You and Your Blog

1 – They are waiting for you to fail. Failure is so entertaining and even more so when the failee journalizes it for us! Fail away!

2 – You have a cute animal. Because animals are cute… until it dies. After the grieving period we don’t need your blog unless you get another one.

3 – You make awesome food and tempt us with photos of it! But then we go on a diet and we block your blog because you are just a visual temptation and we don’t need that.

4 – You are cute. But then your significant other sees your blog on your tablet or iPhone and asks, “who’s that honey?!?” You can only say “I dunno, some tennis player” so many times.

5 – You are funny. But then people get sad and your humor begins to irritate the fuck out of us. Fuck your happiness.

6 – You post a lot! That’s fun until it isn’t.

7 – You write amazing poetry! Beautiful lines that eat at our soul. But then something happened and you began to write in a coded language only you understand. That’s cool and all, but if I want to learn a coded language I’ll go become an elf.

8 – You pray! A ton! I’ll visit your blog on Sunday…

9 – I love your artwork and I find inspiration in your strokes.

10 – You tricked everyone into thinking you are running an official WordPress function by placing their name in your title.

-Opinionated Man