Night terror, my terror, why do you terrorize me?

Slaying, murdering, keeping – precious sleep from me.

Awakened with quickened pulse, still alive to fear.

I search around in the dark for the terrors near.

Sleep is gone and stays away, even though I call her name.

She hears me scream and knows my name, from the sound of nightly pain.





Would I stop my pen? And hold it back again.

Pushing my wrist against the wind. I finally feel free again.

It’s about time to write. And put my caring into the fight.

Forming just the right words. Emotions displayed even more.





I never knew sorrow till I knew your name.

Never knew pain or needed to stay sane.

Now we live life against the grain…

They say this tugawar is love.

Forever war, is this still love?

It has to be as we make it last it seems.

We love.





I saw my life through a chandelier and realized no one was there.

It was as if I had awaken suddenly, alone on top of a hill.

The pretty lights, the flashing lights were all out of sight.

Fading like a failing vein, but everything was so bright.

Music gone. Where did it go, as silence falls like a storm.

I feel a pressure, around my heart. A feeling I can’t ignore.

Am I awake, or do I sleep. Am I really Me.

I say to myself as I feel above myself. A light turn on for me.





I see the teardrops where you once stood. But you are no longer there.

I see darkness up above. It reminds me of dark black hair.

Stains upon a window pane paint a picture of pain so fine.

And there we sit, a distant past, our love lost in the fire.

Tear drops falling from above seem to remind me of that love.

They fall between my fingertips and remind me of parted lips.




A bald life

Hahaha, well done. 🙂 -OM
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t r e f o l o g y

A barber with no hair

is always suspect

but only he 

walks the line 

between the two worlds


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