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I could shine a light into the night.

But why would I want to see the night?

Even when I close my eyes it’s not right.

The dreams. The night terrors. It’s never right.

I could run a mile but never gain an inch.

Just an inch. Half an inch.

I’ll take what I can get.





I’ve swallowed up a thought.

And tried to give up on it.

It became what I sought.

Back down that well I’d seek for it.

Which thought is it I sought?

As memories appear before me.

Bad thoughts must now be fought.

Why did I look inside of me?

-Opinionated Man




I sat upon the ledge of tomorrow.

And watched yesterday run away.

No wave for parting sorrow.

Just another today.

I look down between my feet.

Deep down inside of me.

Past the sight of you and me.

And all my other fallen dreams.





There’s something in the stars.

And it’s written from afar.

Another knowing heart.

That’s beaten with yours from the start.

I can see it in the stars.

A whispered shout in the night.

It makes me feel like a Star.

Like someone’s wishing on me tonight.