She left on a bad note. Actually a few notes after that.

And between us sat a side note, or was it a note that was sad.

I missed her on a high note. And many notes after that.

She leaves me without a note. Just the impression where one sat.

-Opinionated Man



Guardian Angel

I once saw a guardian angel. She was pushing a cart down the street with everything she owned in it. Her head was down and long was her hair.

I walked up to her and asked where she was going. Why was her view only on the ground below.

She said she had no job to do. No one believed or cared anymore.

She let her head and hair fall to the floor because she was being ignored. And so she was walking as I had found her, until she was needed once more.

I watched as she walked away and felt no dismay.

Before me a guardian angel shone onto the floor and struggled to not be ignored.

-Opinionated Man




Fussy & Cussy – Chanty007

Within the lines of rhyme are some real words of everyday life. Life people know in their own way. Nicely done. -OM
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Chanty's Cosmos

Fussy & Cussy

She is a fussy & cussy kind of girl, angry at the world angry at herself;

Wish I had a man, wish I was rich always wishing on the things she did not have,

Can’t tis hair get any straighter and tis curls…can’t tis curls get any tighter, always complaining never just happy

These hips they way too much, and this booty is much too round, those damn pills they can do absolute nothing

Mad, madder, maddest at the guys in her hood. They standin’ on the corner with no sense of adulthood; didn’t their momma’s teach them nothin;

They say cuss words are not for ladies, but shit this life is not for sissies. Giving all she got and he takes and he takes and he takes…never once giving back.

Moaning an groaning ‘bout the price of da orange juice, no way I’m paying for them…

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I could see it in your eyes. A little hidden light as it dies. Holding hands, I’m holding you. I’ve decided to see this through. Shining light, die tonight. Fingers gripped so tight. Steely resolve leaves a mystery unsolved. A feeling of satisfaction just right.



Can I turn within, deep within. And try to begin again?

Finding that within the man is a new beginning. The beginning from an old ending.

I could turn away and stay away. Far away from all that dismay.

Instead I turn within to live again. To be the man I am today.




Painted Smiles

Painted smiles. Come paint me now.

Evenly painted, spreading trowel.

Painting happiness, paint me a smile.

A perfect smile to last awhile.

Painting me, let me paint you.

Let me show you what is seen by few.

Painted perfection. Are we perfect yet?

Painting in the outlines others set.