Bunny Fever

Today was a horrible pig day.

I watched out the window as what seemed like hundreds of bunnies frolicked in front of my eyes. They rubbed their little bushy tailed asses of freedom in front of my caged Guinea face. I’ve never hated Colorado so much!

Damn those bunnies!!!

At least I got a bath…


Men Only – My boys

So the boys are settling into their homes. Noah is in the heartbreak hotel on the hill… lucky. I never got a bachelor pad like that.

Snowy and Luke occupy the home at the base of the hill. They keep look out for any bunny rabbits that frequent the area. I asked the boys if they wanted me to buy some turrents that shoot lasers. They declined and said they could handle it.

But when I snuck up on them they turned into some real yellow tailed sissies.

How can you be the gatekeepers and guards if you hide…?

Reminds me of that time we asked Gary to guard the door at our man meeting…

Remember guys?

Anyways. The boys are good.

-Opinionated Man