Ok Cali…

Two things.

What is up with so many places not taking Visa credit cards in Cali? I even had a clerk tell me “welcome to Cali!” when I mentioned it. Working in the credit card industry… this just baffles the fuck out of me.

The second one isn’t new really because in Florida they do the same thing.

Paying for plastic bags is annoying as shit though…

I’m sure it is more annoying to be a fish and get caught in floating garbage, but considering I’m not a fish… I wouldn’t know that for sure. I care more about the 35 cents per bag.

One last thing.

You all suck at driving.

-Opinionated Man



Last night I decided to move my TV a little bit to the left for my wife.

It is on top of an entertainment system and no I don’t know how much it weighs.

But it’s a heavy son of a bitch.

I just kind of pulled on it, up and back a with a jerk…

My back hurts today…

I think it won.



Daily (unedited)

I really don’t understand why people pull out trump cards when they don’t have to. And it isn’t even near proportionate…

Like I pull out an ant and they pull out an elephant… which wouldn’t help actually because elephants are scared of ants. I saw it on the animal planet…

“Well I wasn’t ordering…” but you were! You were!!! Ugh!

And people wonder why I charge the hill. You know what happens when you walk up the hill, when you meander up the hill? Some fool trips you and you bruise your ass all the way down it rolling while pondering what a fool you are.

So I charge.

Up the hill… to see the next hill to charge to. It’s very tiresome… this thing called life.

How is it you win, but you don’t really win. How does that even work?

That’s fucking lame.




Crystal ball

I know how I will be injured in the future and it won’t be by stepping on a lego.

Those do hurt though.

No, my next major injury will come from stepping on an earring left on the carpet. I found some today and luckily I pushed my inevitable future out by one day.

… it’s gonna hurt.

I can already feel it.