Ok that’s odd

Ok this is kind of creepy.

For some reason the guy moved my trash can all the way up to my porch.

Normally one would think “wow! What a nice person!”

I’m a realist. There are no nice people. So I went outside and looked…

What do we notice detectives? No one else had such a kind deed done! My porch happens to be pretty secluded.

Am I being an asshole for assuming someone might of been looking for a free package?

I feel vulnerable.

-Opinionated Man


Just don’t look for it

I learned a hard lesson as a blogger a couple years ago.

Just don’t look for it.

The ‘it’ is of course the criticism and sometimes hate out there about you.

When I was really pushing the traffic towards this blog I used a matrix to search and protect my blog as well. This enabled me to often find when my posts were being stolen. Yes, believe it or not, some poor soul out there thought my mediocre writing was worth lifting simply because I had replugged and respun the shit out of a couple posts as a personal challenge to see how many times I could get them read. One post had close to half a million views and “people” began stealing it to try and get that same traffic. This is actually common in the blogging world.

The other thing I began to find were posts criticizing me and my blog.

At first I was shocked. I mean, I’m a normal guy and an average blogger, so I couldn’t fathom why people would spend the time to post criticism about me.

People will. They don’t care. It’s online. I was immature. I fought back. I got in trouble twice. I learned my lesson. Twice…

If you are a new blogger I would advise you to steel that backbone. For some people criticism is a new thing believe it or not. Walls just kind of fall down in front of them and the wind never pushes them… they push the wind. For the rest of us we deal with it daily because we are probably around people that think we are inadequate. And that’s no different here.

I don’t powerblog anymore so I have no reason to do my searches. Besides, it never changes and I’ve learned now, today, that I don’t deal with criticism that well and I’m working on it. I’m working on that ‘wanting to hug people’ thing too, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Just don’t look for it. Why?

-Opinionated Man




This Michelle Carter story just kills me.

Basically this girl becomes friends with and gains the trust of a depressed boy. She then coerces him into following through with his depression and attempts at suicide. When he gets scared while killing himself with carbon monoxide poisoning in his car in the garage, she commands him to get back in the car and see the deed done. She manipulates him and tells him his family will understand why he did it. They’d be sad, but they’d move on.

This case was a few years ago and she just got her sentence. 15 months. And she cried.

If everyone in the world had a friend like her half of us would be dead. It only takes a sliver of encouragement to kill yourself when you’ve reached the mark.

What she did was evil. What she did was murder.

I really can’t get over this case, probably because of my own past. I know one thing though!!! I’m glad she wasn’t my girlfriend.


-Opinionated Man



Do you really listen to people?

Ring ring. Ring ring. (My cell doesn’t actually ring… but you get the picture.)


Hi! This is [insert any name here] from godaddy calling about your Mom’s website!”

“Oh hi, yep she said there was some issue with her SSL cert. Strange though because I can get to her site…”

Yes indeed there is something wrong with it. I’m from the [insert department name for people that find “new services” for you to purchase that you don’t really need] and we go over accounts occasionally and noticed her redirect isn’t working! I can fix this for you easily and we offer a service for the future to automatically fix this type of issue if it ever reoccurs. It is normally $199, but we will give it to your mom for $399 for two years!”

“Holy shit. Did you just say $399 simply for a service to ensure your website reroutes when it should already automatically?”

Yes, but a lot of people don’t want to fool with these technical issues…”

“I work in IT. I deal with SSL certs daily. I have a wordpress premium website hosted by godaddy as well and have never had this issue. I don’t pay $399 for any type of redirect. Why are you trying to sell my mom, a person who doesn’t understand web terms, some bullshit service she doesn’t need? What’s broken here. I go to her website with https secure and see her site, so your copy worked… just not the redirect?”

Well it isn’t on our side…”

“Ok. So just issue her a new SSL cert, if this one is corrupted.”

Well sir… it isn’t the cert itself. It’s the redirect and that’s usually a plug-in for WordPress.”

“OK! So I just need to fix her plugin somehow?”


“Thanks I’ll take care of it.”


I’m still working out the plugin issue, but please be warned. Listen to what is being sold to you and if it doesn’t make sense… don’t buy it! How many people are paying hundreds of dollars for a service that shouldn’t even be necessary!!!!!!!

Freaking shark. This kind of ticked me off.



Time out

I’m in time out again.

My wife waited for me to come downstairs before giving me the look and telling me that ‘Tom Brady post wasn’t very funny. Or nice.’

The offending post has been removed and my hand has been slapped.

At least it wasn’t with a ruler, they did that when I was a kid in schools and it hurt!