Do You

I had someone try to lecture me once about how I was squandering my platform and wasting it by posting needless bullshit.

I agreed of course.

I have the worst blog.

I should give a fuck about the whales. I should feed everyone in the world. I should save the mermaids. I should pick up all the trash that pollutes the planet. I should fix everyone’s problems.

I’m getting to it.

-Opinionated Man



Why I don’t ask before I reblog

WordPress gives you the option to disable the reblog button.

I don’t reblog for views and I get very few from it. I also disable the comments. I try to send interested readers your way. What actually happens is that I lose subscribers when I reblog because they hate the extra email and the fact they then find out it isn’t even my post.

I still reblog. I always have here on WordPress and probably always will.

It helps share and that’s why most of us are here. That’s why I’m here.




One thing I share with bloggers that are interested in networking is to not lose your focus. There will be so many distractions that will come your way and all those distractions will serve the same purpose of taking you away from building. Building is what most of us networkers love so anything that takes us away from that is annoying.

But you can’t just ignore everyone or you won’t build anything that resembles a social network. So you use your time and you help where you can, respond as you can, and you keep building. The main thing to remember is “you won’t get to them all.” And that’s ok!

In the blogosphere there are readers, writers, people that do both, and people that want to do both. There are also bloggers that will get offended if you don’t meet them exactly in the middle and don’t read exactly the same amount of posts of theirs as they have of yours. I don’t play that game. I’m a writer and entertainer, but I also enjoy reading blogs. I don’t set a standard of equality though and I don’t believe I have to. Those that have set such a standard towards me have since found their way… over there. I’m ok with that. That’s blogging.

Motive. I’ve grown wary of one type of blogger though. This type of blogger is extremely friendly when you first meet them. They shine all the praise your way and blow bubbles up your butt. They ask all the questions newbie bloggers ask, all the wrong questions everyone asks, and keep pining away for more info so they can “create a blog like yours!” Once they get traction going they disappear. You end up visiting one day just to see what they are up to and you notice something… your advice is all over there blog! But your name is missing. They’ve taken your ideas and are now selling them as their own. Look they even have an ebook now claiming to have all the blogging secrets!

This presents the worst type of blogger in my book and I’ve seen lots of people like this. People sell my posts all the time. You might trick a few people into buying your stolen ideas that you are passing off as your own, but is that truly the type of blogger you want to be? Have some integrity people. Just blog and be yourself, unless yourself is a thieving butt pirate.




Reasons Why No One Reads Your Blog

1 – Your bio is unbelievable. A Korean Jason Cushman? How dumb do we look.

2 – You are too nice.

3 – You blog about religion. I’m just kidding, I like religion.

4 – You are popular. No one wants to visit the popular sites… that just makes us jealous.

5 – You wrote a post about women and included the word “crazy” in it. What were you thinking?

6 – You are a dad blogger and share photos of your kids. We are here to read the work of studs! Not duds…

7 – You think you are writing poetry but no one gets it. (Guilty)

8 – You are always somewhere special. No one is that special… we hope.

9 – Your Blog is the same thing as CNN. is less letters to type.

10 – You are somehow in every disaster that ever occurs. That’s just not possible is it?

11 – You create delicious food posts that make my mediocre food taste even more mediocre.

12 – You write too well. Again, it makes us jealous.

13 – Your Blog is pink. I hate pink.

14 – You love everyone. No one loves everyone…

15 – You like the New England Patriots and thereby perpetuate the cycle of cheating ass teams continuously increasing their fan base each year.

16 – You blog on instagram. No one has time to read a photo.

17 – You hate me and told me to stay away.

18 – You had a giveaway, I won, and you never delivered my pony…

19 – You write list posts.

20 – Your blog post was over 40,000 words. That’s called a book and you should be selling it.

21 – I couldn’t find your most recent blog post.

22 – I couldn’t find your blog because you failed to link it to your screen name. I called your name a few times though. Gary… Gary…

23 – You blog about things a month late. I get we are all busy, but current events are called “current” for a reason.

24 – You are a _____.

25 – You didn’t tag right and no one saw your amazing post.

26 – Your name is Opinionated Man and everyone thinks you are annoying.

-Opinionated Man



You get what you give. Even for a site like mine. I took a month off and obviously people found other things to read. And then I came back and reconnected. You can see all that clearly from the graph below.

This site is slow compared to when I started this blog in 2013. I had just started my graveyard shift in a NOC watching for a single button to change colors. It never did. What do you do in a situation like that?

You create a blog.

That’s right, HarsH ReaLiTy was created out of boredom like some of your blogs I imagine.

I’ve come to love this place though. This drawer in my mind where I store whatever I feel like. My glass house.

Engagement. You get what you give. When I was working twelve hours in front of a computer I found endless opportunities to engage and find new bloggers to meet. They are out there. It isn’t whether or not you can build an audience really, it is how hard you try to reach the people already out there.

-Opinionated Man