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I suffer from the same crippling self-doubt most writers do. I can, also, find myself falling into a complaining vortex. I have toyed with the idea of affirmations, of getting up early and looking at myself in the mirror, and saying, “Erich, you are a writer with a story to share that people will want to read!” And, I’ll rewire my brain and quickly ascend the world of the literati. Anyway…I could never do it consistently. Soooo, I used the calendar app on my iPhone and created events throughout my day–reminders of how good life really is and how I am meant to write. I read the event when it pops up, I whisper it aloud to myself and I smile.

Here’s to a better me! If you like the idea, of course feel free to do the same, but let me know how it goes or what types of…

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Inspiration found

Where is inspiration found. We think as we seek it in the night and day. Chasing periods for a hidden thought, finding a hidden thought where there is none. Drawing motivation from the unmotivated as they use their talent in a halfass way.

Do we seek inspiration or does inspiration find us. I ponder this even as I find my answer. She walks beside me and in front of her is a shopping cart with the Target logo on it. We don’t talk for several minutes, but at some point our pace becomes the same. Our walk of life is the same. Two different souls, probably with different stories… I don’t know. But what impresses me the most is that I feel a soul walking by me when in a normal day I pass a hundred shadows attached to bodies I easily forget. It is so rare to find something that touches me anymore in this layered world of artificial pleasures. Our bodies forget what true feeling really feels like.

Going anywhere special?” I ask her daring to break the silence that may have secured our companionship for the moment. Had I broken it? But I have to know. She has such a look of determination and hope on her face that it almost baffles me. Ok, it does baffle me. Weren’t the homeless supposed to be distraught and depressed? Was there an answer here that she held that I might need to find a different type of happiness in life?

“Forward. Always forward. Never back,” she responds as if she has said those words a million times. It tickles my mind. And with each step a new letter begins to make sense. By the second word I know she has given me a gift. When I turn to thank her she is gone. I look behind me quickly, to the right, and left. Hell I even look up… Nope. Nowhere. She has vanished, but the thought she has given me has not. The inspiration of a moment that was meant to bless a page. And so it has.

-Opinionated Man

Jason C. Cushman



If I could Paint the Sun

Dear You,

“She says she wants to shine a light into the darkness,” but thinks a blog will not accomplish the deed. Does she not realize that with every eye that looks upon her words, a heart might possibly be softened? A mind might be altered slightly? The power to share, to care, and to allow ourselves to affect others… “affect” because we are indeed changing them. It is a scary thought for some and this is not some super power we speak of. It is the power to care and that is a very human quality. That is a character trait that should never be overlooked and instead should be embraced.

A borderless world is social media. This land that we stand in now, these people of all colors and no color at all, their personalities created on fonts called Calibri and Times New Roman. And yet we know them as we do a character from a story we love to reread in the night. These connections are real, as much as some may scoff at silly chains of necessary friendship. These men adorn themselves with lofty titles of “Opinionated Man.” Ignore the wind, it is only the wind from America.

If you want to paint then paint. But if you want to change the world of others then paint the sun. Alter not only their perception, but their reality as well. Do this with pen, brush, keyboard, or word but do it because you do have the power. You have the power to care.

-Opinionated Man



Writing Hand

I never knew my writing hand could feel like this. So heavy, so lifeless… how it has seemed to have died. I don’t see beautiful word strings anymore in my mind. I simply see broken letters that wished to be a part of something larger. It is not inspiration or motivation that has fallen the will for me to write. I think only sadness can cause your mind to shut off and to just stop. How quiet the quiet is when the quiet has never been known. But I know it now. I know it better than the beating of my heart since I no longer feel that rhythm inside me. Instead a placid lake without thought has settled inside of my head and all I can do is reflect on the image of me that I see from it.



Dear Grammar Police…

I get that there are some writers that are perfectionists. I understand that writing properly is highly important to these people. There is nothing wrong with that.

What is wrong is when you decide it is your “job” to go around the blogosphere and moderate everyone’s writing as if they asked you to. We didn’t ask you to. None of us did. Have some tact people and reread your comments to yourself before pressing submit. If it sounds “iffy” to your ears imagine how it will sound to the potential recipient.

Just wanted to let you know you misspelled a word in the first sentence. Great post though!

This is an example of an OK comment to leave. Anyone that gets bent out of shape over this shouldn’t be on social media. If people were more honest I’d probably receive twenty such comments a day.

Come on! Learn to use Your and You’re!!!”

This is an example of a comment left by a jackrabbit. This jackrabbit assumes that because someone is writing on a blog that they must claim to be a “writer” and therefore deserve criticism. Where is your head jackrabbit? You realize that WordPress is used by individuals around the world. It might surprise you to hear that some countries don’t speak English. The people there have to learn (gasp) a second language! The most amusing thing is that these “professional writers” that troll the boards probably only speak one language themselves. Good for you for learning that single language to its core! Now grow the fuck up and realize that not everyone is the same as you. That shouldn’t stop them from writing even if it hurts your eyes to read it. Read something else.

I hate people that claim to be “grammar police.” Normally it comes from some heightened sense of entitlement over writing that carries over to who they consider real writers to be. These are the same people still mad that Cindy NoName has a best seller on Amazon and they don’t. They probably know every grammatical mistake in that book though…

I have very little use for people that attempt to constrain the creative nature of other people. I have no use for groups or individuals that try to make writing an “achievement” and a “right.” That isn’t your right people. Trying to tear others down that aren’t even reaching for the sky is an asshole move. It is never right. Reread your criticisms and comments before you leave them for people. Chances are you will probably directly affect someone far more than you realize. Try being supportive instead. Jackrabbit.

-Opinionated Man

Jason C. Cushman

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