I never knew sorrow till I knew your name.

Never knew pain or needed to stay sane.

Now we live life against the grain…

They say this tugawar is love.

Forever war, is this still love?

It has to be as we make it last it seems.

We love.





Some of you still aren’t tagging properly.

And you are using twenty or so tags, so I know you are trying.

15 tags total. If you place the post in a category that counts as a tag.

Use 13 tags and a cat to be safe. I was lazy and wrote cat instead of category.

You are all writing these beautiful posts and they are only posting to your personal reader stream when you over tag or don’t tag at all. You miss the general population.

That isn’t where the prisoners are in this case. That is where all the “random readers” come from that can learn to love your blog too!

Learn to tag properly.

This has been a public service announcement from HarsH ReaLiTy.


Example of some tags I use and sometimes reuse (note: you have to separate a tag with a ,)

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Slow Cooker Salisbury Steaks

I LOVE Salisbury Steak. This is a great food blog that has been on my reader for a bit. Check it out! 🙂
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What's for Dinner Moms?

I loved Salisbury Steaks growing up. We would get the TV dinners (remember when they were called that?) with the metal three tray compartments. I would either get Fried Chicken or Salisbury Steak with mashed potatoes in one little compartment and corn in the other. They were a great treat growing up.

I don’t know why I have never thought of making them before. I think every time I thought about them the thought of frying the patties before putting them in the slow cooker seemed like such hard work. Yes, I can be that lazy some days. I finally decided yesterday that I needed to try making them.


At first my daughter was a bit put off by the smell of the meal because it had a heavy onion smell to it. But, as it cooked it smelled better and better. There was one lunch portion leftover and…

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I see the teardrops where you once stood. But you are no longer there.

I see darkness up above. It reminds me of dark black hair.

Stains upon a window pane paint a picture of pain so fine.

And there we sit, a distant past, our love lost in the fire.

Tear drops falling from above seem to remind me of that love.

They fall between my fingertips and remind me of parted lips.




Remembering our dead

I know that feeling and you describe it clearly. I wish you the best! -OM
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The month of November we do a lot of things, men grow a beard to support cancer.  It’s national Adoption month and we mourn and celebrate our dead!

Growing up Catholic after Halloween was All Saint’s day and All Souls day, both of these having to do with the remembering of our dearly departed that had left earlier in the year.  Everyone would pray for their souls to Heaven.

This year, I was in that same situation today with praying for my mom’s soul to go to Heaven. A rite of passage, if you must say it, thinking of my mom. I wish sometimes the hurt and pain can be gone. Just like a tear you wipe away, but no matter how deep the pain, you can’t move it away in a matter of mere months.

I will continue to carry on and go through my grieving process one step…

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Random Fun Ideas

1 – Beating people at games is always fun. Going to Gamestop or Target and beating all the kids on the free game consoles is just rewarding.

2 – See how long they keep the Chinese buffet “all you can eat” for you.

3 – Give your significant other gifts that you really want. That’s always fun.

4 – For Halloween next year do like I did and hand out math worksheets instead. Fun! Only had ten doorbell rings that night. I wonder if the word got out on the street.

5 – Take a snow day in June. If you live in Denver it may work!

6 – Tell your boss you just reached a level 53 knighthood and deserve a raise. Now!

7 – Play catch with your Peyton Manning fathead. Yes, I do.