I once slipped into the night.

And the night felt so right.

Velvet curtains, shutters bright.

With hidden pleasures from my sight.


Velvet sheets, simplicity.

As fingers march towards ecstasy.

Come say my name, sit next to me.

Or better yet… on top of me.


-Opinionated Man



11 years

11 years together.

Couldn’t imagine it with anyone else.


I also bought the special today!

I have a feeling this is it!

One time!!!

-Opinionated Man



I don’t understand how a lawn mower just dies…

Useless piece of shit! It isn’t even that old!

I guess I could try using the snowblower.

Fucking seriously…

Universal Studios

Can you keep a secret?

My wife and I surprised the girls with a trip to LA to see BTS. If you aren’t aware, they are a huge K Pop group right now. Biggest ever.

We surprised them at 4 am for a flight out here and ended up going to universal studios today. That’s where we ended up on TV in the background below! Doesn’t that family look familiar?

I’ll share more and I’ll try to splice the video.

I think it’s cool.

I’m dorky sometimes. But hey, when will I ever be on TV? Never.

-Opinionated Man