If I could Paint the Sun

Dear You,

“She says she wants to shine a light into the darkness,” but thinks a blog will not accomplish the deed. Does she not realize that with every eye that looks upon her words, a heart might possibly be softened? A mind might be altered slightly? The power to share, to care, and to allow ourselves to affect others… “affect” because we are indeed changing them. It is a scary thought for some and this is not some super power we speak of. It is the power to care and that is a very human quality. That is a character trait that should never be overlooked and instead should be embraced.

A borderless world is social media. This land that we stand in now, these people of all colors and no color at all, their personalities created on fonts called Calibri and Times New Roman. And yet we know them as we do a character from a story we love to reread in the night. These connections are real, as much as some may scoff at silly chains of necessary friendship. These men adorn themselves with lofty titles of “Opinionated Man.” Ignore the wind, it is only the wind from America.

If you want to paint then paint. But if you want to change the world of others then paint the sun. Alter not only their perception, but their reality as well. Do this with pen, brush, keyboard, or word but do it because you do have the power. You have the power to care.

-Opinionated Man



Dear You

I do not write for You, I write for Me. My words sing a single tune, a melody of my creation. It is not a duet. These words are not yours; your presence does not affect them. Gladly will I allow you to hear them, you may even bring them into your heart, but do not forget they are not your words. Like a person given the wrong blood type, just because wisdom may come from my sea of emotion, do not search this sea for salvation. This sea is polluted already, in its depths loom skeletons that have been overthrown, but not defeated. Take care that they do not find your pond to nest in. They are tricky beasts, perhaps you have a similar type in your abode, you do not want mine – they are angry. My demons are angry in defeat, they are raving mad in neglect; I have not fed them in a while.

There is no professional title in front of my name. I do not wear a white jacket to work; I do not conduct physicals or daily checkups. My name is not doctor this or teacher of that. The soap box I stand on is borrowed; it is missing from one of my fellow blogger’s sites. I figured I might as well start somewhere, a blog or a street corner the risk is the same and the rewards are just as sweet. I blog to blog, I do not blog to write. I do not hope some rare gem or master piece will be given birth here, this land looks pretty barren to me. Thus is the harsh reality, the reality that we are all finding ourselves and are not readily fit to try and help anyone else. I do not strive to do that. If I were to try to lead it would be a magnificent circular adventure, starting from the bar and ending gloriously at the bar. If I led you down the same path as I what would occur is a mass pile up of arms, legs, and confusion on where it all went wrong. There would be no epic ending here I am sorry to say.

Dear You, I just wanted to say be You and be strong. Come not through these doors looking for answers, but if companions are what you seek, companions are what you shall find.

-Opinionated Man