I Think My Daughter Is Planning A Great Escape…

They are definitely ALL plotting something! -OM
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Mr Mum: The 'joy' of a stay-at-home dad


My daughter is going through a phase. It’s just the age, people tell me. She’ll grow out of it. Thing is, I’m not so sure it is just a phase. I think it’s all part of a much grander, devious scheme. You’d think I’m talking about some evil, megalomaniac genius here with what I’m about to say. And too that I’d say ‘Oh, so you’ve met my daughter then?’.

So what’s the phase: collecting small-to-medium sized stones, filling her pockets with them and then ‘redistributing’ them in useful areas such as car seats, cups, your pockets and in bed (s). What I think her actual plan is: to dig a tunnel with her fellow nursery pupils so that they can escape from nursery when they want.

This occurred to me the other day, after I’d collected her from her maternelle (the French name for nursery) and had picked up her…

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Good Post Surgery Monday!

I like the agave plants, but I’m clumsy and would fall in them. -OM
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Brenda Nolen


Well, I had my gallbladder removed on Thursday and not only is today hubby’s first day back to work but this is my first morning without feeling the need to take any pain pills! I am pretty sure I was a bit paranoid I wouldn’t wake up with the alarm, since I was bright eyed 2 hours before the alarm went off! I am thinking a nap may be in order later today, since I am not sure how “occupied” I can be if I cannot lift more than 5 pounds.

I have spent the past month or so preparing for this surgery. With fall threatening to become a reality, I wanted to get as much physical labor finished as I could so I wasn’t fighting weather once I was healed. So, would you like a rundown? I am very happy!

We have been living in this house for almost…

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A Very Random Post

A thought on Leadership –

I have had a lot of time recently to think on leadership and what it means to be a leader. I was joking with my brother in law the other day and I said some old war hat must have created the corporate system because the structure you find in the corporate world really mirrors the military. It is almost a caste system, and yes I realize how oppressive a caste system can be, but isn’t that what corporate America does when they don’t promote internal growth? I wonder why I am thinking about growth right now.

I don’t “follow” very easily. I take guidance well. I hate stupidity. I hate wasting my time. I love process improvement. I hate wasting my time.

These are some reasons I love leadership and the ability it gives you to really chart your own course. If I am going to fail in life let me fail because I fucked up. Not because Gary fucked up.

As I’ve risen in the ladder, actually I only went up one level so technically I’m not rising… I made a bump, I see what these people do daily. My place loves meetings. Weekly meetings, monthly meetings, meetings every third moon. It is awesome. How are you supposed to lead when you are in meetings all the time? How do you manage people when you are planning how to manage them instead… all the time? It is highly ineffective.

I wish I could find a leadership position where I wasn’t on the front line anymore. I’ve learned that the General shouldn’t run out in front of his army, charging and leading the way downhill because he’ll get shot first. And then they’ll promote some snappy green lieutenant to take his place charging down the hill. I know it may sound like I am rambling here. I am.

I’ve gotten to the point where I say “you’ve got to be fucking kidding me” a few times a day. I build that stress up and then carry it home from work. All I want is a scotch when I get home… I don’t care about food. All while I wait for a pigeon.

Sprinkler Blowing –

Apparently sprinkler blowing doubled in price around here. I don’t even really own a yard… it is more like a splotch in front of my house. I’d go out there and try to blow the pipes out myself… but I don’t have a tank and it is probably a bad idea to give me access to a large compression device. I’ve been known to do some stupid shit. I am pretty smart, but I can be really house dumb. It reminds me of the time, we had just moved into our first new home, and I decided to do some home improvements for my wife while she was at work. I learned that day that you can’t just drill a hole and place a normal door handle onto a sliding door and expect it to lock. It still slides…

I think I am going to go take a walk.





Blogger Review #7 – Danny Ray

Often people assume I sit here and think of ways to inspire people all day. I’m not Oprah. Often what we find is that we receive re-inspiration from those around us, even those of us that have been blogging for awhile. I get that type of inspiration from Danny Ray and he is one of the hardest working bloggers and networkers I know. I never have to tell this guy something more than once and he has even shared some insight with me.

Now I know most of these reviews have been glowing and fun. Most have been full of praise. Well that ends now. I just visited his site today.

Danny… what the hell is up with the pink background dude? I am so disappointed in you. I take back everything I said in this post… you obviously don’t listen to me! Disappointed!

Visit Danny today at https://dreambigdreamoften.co/!

-Opinionated Man


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Friday Fun: Miscellaneous Memes & Music!

“You can’t airbrush personality” lol!
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Random Ramblings; Myriad Musings

I think that it’s time for a few Friday memes, followed by a bit of music! The sun is out today, so it’s time to ride over to the beach and take a walk on the sand. Later, ‘gators!


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