I share my photos on Instagram.

You can add me, but I don’t always add people back. The reason is that apparently half the people, more than half, are hot models on Instagram. That presents a problem for your average husband that browses on their phone.

“Hey whatcha looking at?”

“Ohhhh just scrolling through my Instagram feed.”

“Oh my god she looks like a model!”

“Yea and apparently she is Russian. I mean a blogger.”

“Oh my god… all of them look like models!”


“What the fuck?!?”

“I mean I don’t judge…

… fine I’ll unfollow them…”

And that is how that goes. Or maybe it doesn’t for you. Good for fucking you Gary.

Anyways, you can add me if you want. It is a new account and every photo is from my iPhone.



WOW people are following my Instagram! I think that is cool considering I’m not a photographer and all my photos are done by iPhone. I’ve read a lot about that platform and how meticulous people can be about what they share, and how they share it. I’ll admit I’m lazy when it comes to that and I simply blast away. And tags help on Instagram… Duh. Learning as I go! I follow back.

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