Instagram…I Owe You An Apology?

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I have never walked along the cutting edge neither have I ever been at the forefront of technical innovation because by nature my thinking is very considered. That is not to say I’m afraid to take a chance but I am just not one of life’s fearless warriors who will lead the charge no matter the consequence. I like to sit back, observe the state of play and move to the beat of my own off beat melody.

No matter how fast paced the media would like me to believe the world has become, I will still take steps at a stride that is comfortable to me and I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes that can be a problem…

If the majority drink at Starbucks, I’m looking for an independent coffee house because I tend not to jump on board with anything that I feel is too mainstream…

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WOW people are following my Instagram! I think that is cool considering I’m not a photographer and all my photos are done by iPhone. I’ve read a lot about that platform and how meticulous people can be about what they share, and how they share it. I’ll admit I’m lazy when it comes to that and I simply blast away. And tags help on Instagram… Duh. Learning as I go! I follow back.

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