On a personal note my knee is doing just fine thank you. It is healing nicely…

Although you’ll note some slight swelling around the outer edges of the damaged scar tissue and upper knee. I’m anticipating months of healing to come, but I’m pleased with the rate it is going.

I’m hurt no one has asked me today how my knee is after my post yesterday.

I assume people are battling equally traumatic experiences.

I understand.



For Men Only – Relationships

I do a lot of laundry and the one thing my wife gets mad at me for continuously is for putting stuff away in the wrong place. I get it. It is really annoying when you go to make a sandwich and the mustard isn’t where it is supposed to be because someone put it in the cabinet. When you are in a rush you just expect things to be in a certain spot.

But who else here has a problem with trying to sort women’s clothes? I got shirts, blouses, dresses, sweaters, tank tops, t shirts, t shirts just for home, sleepwear, button ups, and that’s only half of them. Why do women have so many different shirts? I wonder why they want to be able to blend in so easily…

It is obviously a conspiracy. I told you before that the “outfit of the month” is really code for what uniform women will universally wear that week. I also think there is some type of secret countdown going on. You ever notice they buy clothes for “in case stuff happens!”

“Well my sister might get married! I need this dress!”

“You don’t have a sister…”

“Well then I’ll wear it at your funeral.”

-Opinionated Man



Holy Shit… Opinionated Man Watches the Bachelorette

I got some stuff to get off my chest Rachel and you aren’t going to like it. Unfortunately for you, I am forced to watch your show when my wife watches it. This past episode made me think you are a real piece of work.

I am not going to draw this out into a long post. You –

1 – Forced that man to get into a confrontation with his father who he was estranged from for… show ratings. What a termagant!

2 – You finally tell a guy on the show you love them and then you send him home the same day. For no reason. Other than you already got your show ratings from ruining his future years or entire life with his family. Proud of yourself?

3 – “I don’t say things just to say them.” Is what you said to Dean at the rose ceremony (yes I know what a fucking rose ceremony is and it pisses me the fuck off). Other than the word “love” apparently. You like to toss that one around.

4 – What I hate the most is that I cared enough to see the end so I could hate her even more. Ugh… now I hate MYSELF! What a vicious circle.

-Opinionated Man

Birds & Stones

Why can’t I kill more birds with this stone?

Only two? That seems so few.

Who said that stones don’t break my bones?

Apparently someone thought they knew.
How many cheeks must we turn.

Before turning turns old.

You turn your cheek, I’ll lift this stone.

Then we’ll see events unfold.



Why I Don’t Promote Bloggers

1 – Promoting other bloggers through reblogs and pingbacks is an awesome way to network and grow your community.

2 – WordPress has a forever growing group of bloggers blogging on every topic you can think of. Promoting new bloggers and new topics helps to spread ideas and cultures around the blogosphere.

3 – When you actively network and help promote others your readership in turn benefits. You will see incoming traffic, views, and even more special are the comments that come from actively engaging other bloggers.

4 – Promoting other bloggers effectively can give you a small break from when you are out of blogging ideas. It may also help to inspire some ideas of your own!

5 – The Reader might look like a mess of advertisement and spammy posts, but if you sift through it you can find some great nuggets of inspiration! Personal bloggers are still out there and finding them helps them to find you!

6 – Believe it or not many bloggers don’t know how to find you or your posts. Promoting other bloggers can cause chain reactions that create waves of awareness your site may never have gotten. That’s a social media reaction from growing your own awareness through promotion. Don’t just rely on one wave or one push either. You have to continuously grow that awareness around your site or promotion doesn’t mean much.

Oh wait… these aren’t… oops…

-Opinionated Man