A buck 35

I dropped to a buck 35 today. Stress. Most people eat when they have anxiety… I just don’t eat.

I’ve been 150 pounds almost half my life, since I was 16. I’ve struggled with keeping weight on due to crohn’s and stomach issues since I’ve passed 30.

I need to eat more this week or I’ll start to feel sick again.





On a personal note my knee is doing just fine thank you. It is healing nicely…

Although you’ll note some slight swelling around the outer edges of the damaged scar tissue and upper knee. I’m anticipating months of healing to come, but I’m pleased with the rate it is going.

I’m hurt no one has asked me today how my knee is after my post yesterday.

I assume people are battling equally traumatic experiences.

I understand.



This commercial just told me I could buy a drug to cure my stomach problems, but may cause me to get a life threatening disease called Kidoacidocious (spelling? A disease that causes the game to end). Why can’t they find a drug that just heals you… and doesn’t “possibly” kill you?




The Bad Son 2

I know you probably aren’t very pleased with me right now. Sometimes my Korean nature shows in unusually Korean ways… and my stubborness knows no limit. I know you wished for a different response from me the other day and I can’t give a good explaination for why I have decided to do what I am doing.

I am just done. I am done with the “maybes” and the guesses. I am done knowing something is wrong and not being able to prove it. I am done being poked and prodded like a cow. I am done.

Yesterday I was the bad son. Again. I have been him before and I will be him again as I grow into me.

The bad man.

-Opinionated Man





Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping beauty rest my eyes.

Slowly dying pain of mine.

Crumpled pills stay my pain.

Nightly cycle spin again.

Wake me up, come wake me now.

Wake me from depression’s cloud.

Kill me now, please kill me now.

Swallowed gently without a sound.