Why I delete posts

I’m in the corporate world now and I have to be careful what I say.

I regularly delete posts and remove my data trail now.

Some people say “that doesn’t work! You can’t erase what you’ve said!”

Actually you can. They give you this delete button and then you rework posts around, move your url a few times, and wallah! 1,000,000 posts gone! And you kill your blog…

Anyways, you do what you gotta do and this is how I have to blog now. I can’t be angry Jason and if I am I have to delete angry Jason like a bad hangover. It’s annoying I know.

But I think the thing you do with your shoes is annoying so we are even.

-Opinionated Man



Five Years of HarsH ReaLiTy



Well I guess it is that time again. I’m going to renew the site one more time and see where we go from there.

I just can’t bring myself to let https://aopinionatedman.com/ go and it become some online pine cone store. For the guy in the back that just thought… ‘what the fuck is an online pine cone store???’ Man… you just ain’t been living.

A blog is not a single post. A single post can get you famous of course… fame is such a loose term these days, but it can definitely accomplish that for normally the wrong reasons. A true blog paints a whole picture of what a blogger is or is becoming, or it should if a blogger is honest. Most bloggers aren’t.

I find it to be fun to own a website, in general, and call it your own. That’s what this blog is. Most people don’t think that is a big deal and that’s cool, they can have their opinion. Over there. The reason I still putter along over here is because a website never dies.

It only becomes an online pine cone store if you don’t pay the $150 to reup.

Let’s see what 2019 brings.

Jason Chandler Cushman

-Opinionated Man


ZvT SC Gosu




Blogging tip 104.5

I find people all the time because they want me to find them.

They tag their posts Harsh Reality or Opinionated Man, I see it and respond.

Tags are powerful tools if you use them right. I can’t respond to everyone, but I do try. Use the tools that WordPress provides for free to grow your blog and get your posts out there.

Own your blog tag or create a tag you “monopolize.”



I deleted my site

All of my old posts that is. I’ll still keep aopinionatedman.com… it amuses me.

I feel like a website has to evolve with you and this website has changed a ton. Some might say too much…

I’ve gone through the evolutions of being a new eager blogger in 2013, an old blogger by 2014, and now a tired blogger by 2018.

There may come a day when I look back at what I’ve done with this blog and regret not doing more. But there are many stages in my life I can point to and say that to as well. I often reflect on such things and it is a bit pathetic really in this case… trying to create a historical moment from something still kicking. Very human of me I guess.

Al those old posts and opinions are gone. I am still the same though, but I suspect I’ll remain the same until I’m insane.

We’ll see.

-Opinionated Man