Some of you still aren’t tagging properly.

And you are using twenty or so tags, so I know you are trying.

15 tags total. If you place the post in a category that counts as a tag.

Use 13 tags and a cat to be safe. I was lazy and wrote cat instead of category.

You are all writing these beautiful posts and they are only posting to your personal reader stream when you over tag or don’t tag at all. You miss the general population.

That isn’t where the prisoners are in this case. That is where all the “random readers” come from that can learn to love your blog too!

Learn to tag properly.

This has been a public service announcement from HarsH ReaLiTy.


Example of some tags I use and sometimes reuse (note: you have to separate a tag with a ,)

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Author Bio

I have this “About Me” page HERE that I wrote when I first started this blog. I am positive most people don’t read that page since a lot of people have said some pretty humorous things from seeing my photos or when I share a personal fact. I don’t feel a need to spill about myself in a profile when I write myself daily here (I am not important)… but I can see the need to clarify sometimes to ensure people understand the person behind the words. It isn’t a need for accolades or fame, but rather for clarity as to why you think or say a certain thing.

My name is Jason Chandler Cushman and I live close to Denver, Colorado. That means I am American, obviously. I was born Ahn Soo Jin from Pusan South Korea, at least that is what the paper says. The photo too, but photos and papers lie don’t they? As far as I know that is my name, but I have come to learn that Soo Jin is a woman’s name so either there was a mistake (because there is no mistake bodily… trust me…) or it may be an old form of the name in Chinese. The Korean woman who told me that last part said it almost sympathetically and with little optimism.

By day I work IT and by night I write. I am a father and have two kids with my wife that keep us busy… we love it! Life is pretty routine for me and my main mental escape is through my fingers and from my words. I am a real time blogger that is lazy with the edits, quick with the publish button, and a pretty horrible photographer. Pictures are a must though so I set my featured photos from my cell phone and move on.

I began blogging in 2013 because I was beginning a nightshift and needed something to occupy my time. I didn’t know what I was doing having only owned a blog on Blogger once. My mother and 3 bots were my only followers. My mom is a writer, you can find her blog HERE, and she is also an author.

I write under the pen name Opinionated Man and kept my real name off the books for around a year. One day I said… well I didn’t say anything, I just started giving my name. I even added a photo at some point so people could see I was indeed Asian. There was some speculation I wasn’t apparently. I go by Opinionated Man because it amuses me and because it is true. People call me OM for short and it makes me smile that some bloggers now refer to me as Jason. My friends in real life rarely called me that. I use the logo

which I made all fancy like in Microsoft paint. I like it… but my wife thinks I should change it. I tried to explain to her that this is MY logo at this point. I might even put it on a shirt one day.

They say “you need a platform” before you write a book. But what if you have never written a book and you build that platform first. What if you do all that work and the book sucks? Would that make all the doing worth it? The funny part is had there been WordPress ads in 2013 or had I owned a self hosted site at the time… I could have made thousands off the views I gained from my main site and never needed to write a book. It was a lot of networking and I thought it was a pretty sure thing… unfortunately not all things work out. You move on, you rework, or you give up. I’ve given up on tons of things in my life. I didn’t feel like giving up on this blog.

This website was never meant to be anything more than a sounding board for my thoughts. A place where I could scream. People have judged it and what I do. What I say and what my opinions are. I am sure if I could read over a layout of their morals, ethics, and opinions I’d find a few I hated as well and that is life. That is the beauty of humanity really… we are all different. Blogging is a place where we get to show how different we are in whatever form we want to. Some share photography, amazing photos of places I will never visit. Others are baking up treats and making food I want to bite off the screen. It is WordPress and it is blogging. It is why I have a site and why I share the sites of others.

I am 36 years old and I feel I have seen a lot. I know everyone says that and I know that many have a right to say it. I work a daily job, but I love to write. I don’t care what I am writing and my goal is normally to make people smile. I am human and this hasn’t always been the case. Like my growth in blogging, I’ve grown as a person over the past four years. When I started on this platform I saw lots of posts and lots of separate groups, no community, and everyone wanted to be this “Freshly Pressed” thing. Now when I look out across the world of WordPress I see a lot more connection. I see friends of friends of friends sharing their work and it makes me smile. I don’t claim any hand in those connections being made, but I can’t help but appreciate the shared value in what I have always worked to create. It will be something I miss if I ever move on to another hobby.

Jason Chandler Cushman

-Opinionated Man



That was unexpected 

I got a new job! It is at the same company and is a change management manager position.

That was unexpected…

When I applied I had a single interview for more than one job to streamline it. I honestly didn’t think I’d be considered for the change management position, but there you go… I got it.

It is much different from what I’m currently doing, but something tells me this drama isn’t played out. I was smart and secured my new salary even if they don’t immediately move me. It is all a chess game.

We’ll see what happens next month, but for now I’m really excited. I’m ready for a change.

No Gary… not that kind of change…


Daily photo

I do what I can

I do what I can for bloggers that helped me to build this platform by talking back to me. I sometimes miss people and their comments and don’t connect back. It isn’t on purpose. I blame the robotic arms, actually the third and ninth arm, and I highly suspect the faulty wiring is Gary’s fault.

There was a time I would have killed for a reblog when I first started blogging in 2013. I saw blog posts with hundreds of comments on the reader and people sharing them, and I couldn’t figure out how they did it. I still can’t figure out how some did it…

I really try to balance this website and I know the email traffic from this blog is ridiculous. I’d disable that by the way. But I like to connect and I enjoy the networking aspect of blogging. It is fun to me and my WordPress app is my game on my phone. I don’t have angry birds anymore.

I comment and chat with people on the app as if I were texting people in real life. That’s why I use so many emoticons because I know they are highly professional and my iPhone has them… and they are fun 😆🤷‍♂️.

I don’t have a ton of friends because I’m a father, I work full time, I have family stuff, and I made a website with a bunch of needy bloggers on it. I’m kidding…

I honestly believe you get what you give and if you aren’t getting it, broaden your net. I am just one guy and I’m amazed how many times I’ll read bloggers pretty much blame a singular person for why their website isn’t popular. Like, it blows my mind and I’ve read it.

“Well Helga! You’d know if you had read journal entry #6279 from last May! Ugh! What kind of friend are you?”

Uh… a friend with a life. Crazy.

I do what I can. Just don’t burn yourself out bloggers. It is very easy to burnout in the blogosphere. We see candles go out daily.