Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

She comes into your life and brings nature’s blessing. And with her entrance comes a curse of wanton passion. The grass is still alive as it blazes in the sun. The chorus of our laughter floats gently in the Spring breeze. We are the definition of love and our hands are linked as we dance amongst the growing and the grown alike. We enjoy timeless sunsets on picturesque settings creating canvases waiting to be painted at each moment. We love.

Time works wonders and bonds grow firm. We resolve to walk quietly into the night together. Hands held tightly against the shadows we once faced alone. We pick each other up in the heat of the Summer, against the blazing sun and humanity’s punishment. We turn as one, in unison with one another’s needs. I am your need and you are mine. And like an oak tree we grow together.

The rain has come and we have weathered storms. We still touch… but sometimes our hands Fall like leaves from our tired limbs. The chatter of children running around our base keeps us united, we are still united with finger painted signs and chalk figures. But some nights are cold and the moon shines two shadows upon the ground.

It snows here in Denver. The Winter seems to be most of the year… at least lately. But even with the constant ice, it does melt with the strength of will. A will we share each morning and return to each night. The seasons form a timeless ring that hardens into a golden promise. They touch each time our hands unite with infused emotion. Regardless of what emotion that is the presence of feelings means that we still care.

Jason C. Cushman

-Opinionated Man





I rise to a falling thought.

A sentence written half in dream.

Some hidden truth I sought.

Or so awakened it seems.

Half the words in whiskey breath.

A drunken disarray.

I see myself in those words.

It is me, still the same.

Are dreams only from waking moments.

Or does imagination count.

I fear my mind, even though I own it.

I fear the dreams without sound.

Can I stand one more night.

A vanguard made of one.

Here they come, they come again.

There is no kingdom come.
Jason C. Cushman

-Opinionated Man



Open Me

Open me, come open me. Open up my heart.

Remind me where we came from by showing me the start.

Sing to me, you sing to me. I hear you in my soul.

Let you overwhelm me with a feeling of being full.

Feel me how you feel me. I can feel you too.

I can feel as we feel past all we ever knew.

Open me, I open up. An open heart for you.

Forever is our ever as only known by few.





Shade of the day

I see the world in color.

My shades of the day paint the world in the color that I may. A bluish tint gives my eyes a mellow glint as I walk through the fire. A desire to let the world feel my anger, I wear my lens of red so I don’t leave a path of dead behind me. They are warning symbols in disguise, but I hope they can be recognized for the meaning of my heart.

I see the world through tears.

A million tears brought by fears, I see a million colors too. Teardrops become my shades and to my amazement, I see the world in color once more. Not one color, or even two, I see you in more splendor than you knew. Watching through impassioned eyes causes more tears to fall from breaking sky. I can no longer be apart as I connect with a thought. The realization that I color the world myself. Through life and tears, through discovering myself.




vLog – Poetry – Would you ever, if you never

Would you ever, if you never saw the stars.

Learn to dream in the dark away from the light.

Would you ever, if you never had a cause.

Fight for those that cannot fight.

Would you ever, if you never knew love.

Share a moment and create a memory.

Would you ever, if you never knew the truth.

Find peace at night and learn just to be.

Could I ever, if I never knew my past.

Find something worth holding and make it last.

Could I ever, if I never cared for you.

Find forgiveness for you too.

Could I ever, if I never knew the man I was.

Be the man I was meant to be.

Could I ever, if I never wrote again.

Live my life with no beginning or end.

Jason C. Cushman

-Opinionated Man