What is the best way to interact with bloggers?

This is a great reminder not to forget about the silent readers! Nice post! -OM
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Do you engage with drive-by readers?

If not, maybe you should.


Because others, like myself, may be drive-by readers. drive 01

That means reading on the run. Waiting in line, waiting for to pick up grandkids, or in the dentist/doctors office. And almost always I read on my phone.


The absence of a comment doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the blog post. Simply means I wasn’t in a place to write one. Typing on my cell phone is not easy.

And even though we’re all very busy with the holidays, remember to read and click the “like” button. Means a lot to bloggers everywhere.

A post by OPINIONATED MAN encouraged me to do more.

So I’m going to start with an apology.

sorry badI’m sorry if I’ve disappointed any of my readers. I’ve read many posts but sometimes failed to click the “like” button. Just because I’m on the run doesn’t mean I…

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You took the time…

I think one of the most important aspects of blogging is “you took the time.” I can’t count how many instances where I have visited a blog and seen something cool enough to warrant a “I can’t believe they took the time to do that! So cool!” It is noticeable in life and in blog when you take the time to do something with care or come up with new ways of doing old things. So many ideas are washed down the drain because the blogger thought it wasn’t worth the time or that no one would care to notice.

I take the time to visit as many blogs as I can. I want people to see that and say to themselves “wow… he took the time.” It is really that simple and that connection is so easily missed with networking. The grinders, the doers, the ones out actively networking and meeting new bloggers each day are the ones growing their platform.

I get it.

It is very easy to get stuck or to get into a place where you no longer put in the effort you once did. Time gets taken away or you have other things to do.

The problem with blogging is that it is very much a momentum driven activity and endeavor. The moment you stop pushing your blog is the moment it stops caring to move and becomes stagnant regardless how large your subscriber list is. Taking the time to keep it moving is what it is all about.