SEO Offers

I hope everyone knows by now not to fall for those emails offering you SEO help or ranking on google. SEO stands for “sucker give me your money fool!”

Ok, it doesn’t stand for that, but it should. SEO is actually a legitimate IT term, but what they don’t tell you is that google ranking is a matrix and impossible to crack. It’s traffic based, link driven, and you can’t create it by paying money.

At one point this site was ranked pretty high for a blog, but it was always going to be limited based off of what it was. I get countless offers for “help” even though I lost my rank and I can tell a ton of them aren’t bots. People like to hustle.

If you want to drive traffic to your site do it through the grind of work and organically. There’s a few truths in this world.

You don’t have a billionaire uncle in a remote country that just died and left you his fortune.

Honest Sam from isn’t going to help you become the next big thing.

And mustard on pretzels is awesome.

-Opinionated Man