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Everyday someone discovers my Meet and Greet post! My Meet and Greet is not on a set day like some bloggers host, but is instead an active forum and thread that is always being added to. New bloggers check it out each day and add their sites to the growing list. The comment section is where you can find a multitude of bloggers with a vast variety of blogs! All bloggers are welcome!

How you use this list is up to you! Most people simply leave their info and move on.

I have witnessed some bloggers really network and utilize the Meet and Greet and I am sure they increased their platforms because of it! The choice is up to you!

-Opinionated Man


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Blogger Review #4 – Trudy

Who wants to visit New York? I know I do! Unfortunately I’ve never been and it isn’t in my agenda anytime soon!

Fortunately for us we have Trudy from Rendezvous En New York! Her website can be found at http://www.rendezvousennewyork.com/ and her posts are filled with articles and photos on… New York!!! I really enjoy browsing the different events and restaurants she goes to. Her posts are well crafted and fun to read!

I’ve known Trudy on WordPress for some time now and her website is easy to promote. She is a great blogger and runs a great blog you should check out!

Visit http://www.rendezvousennewyork.com/ today!

-Opinionated Man


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My 28 Days of Sugar Detox. 28 Днів без Цукру.

Who is up for a sugar detox challenge?!? I only lasted 3 seconds… -OM
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Salutaris Vita


Yeah, I am finally writing a summary for my sugar detox challenge that I started on June 11 and ended on July 9, and what a challenge it was… The reason why I started the detox could be found here. The first three days of the detox in details could be found here.

The first week, as I expected, was the hardest one. Cravings weren’t the most difficult part. The biggest challenge for me was to change my habits. For example, before sugar detox, I used to stop at the local grocery store after my training session at gym to buy some post-workout snacks. The snacks, I used to buy, often included fitness bars, filled with lots of sugar. My favorite post-training snack, a banana, was also eliminated during sugar detox, because of the natural sugar it contains. Also, before detox, I had a habit to eat some…

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How do you keep from annoying your subscribers?

You can’t.

I’ve had bloggers ask me this because they are worried that their blogging methods are going to scare people away. They don’t want to respin a post because someone will be annoyed and they don’t want to reblog too much because their email subscribers will get pissed off. If they post photos all the time their poetry readers will be angry and if they don’t forget to do the prompt of the week their writing community will riot. We haven’t even gotten to the virtual dog yet.

That all sounds really tiring. I stopped caring a long time ago if people unsubscribed from my site and it happens constantly. They thought I was a poet or they thought I was a photographer. They were here for a food blog… boohoo.

Well whoever “they” are, they will live. That is what I say. If you try to please everyone all you end up with is a bunch of constrained nothing. If you try to please no one at least you are pleased in the end.

-Opinionated Man



I love Idaho

Have you checked out Lynz real cooking?!? -OM
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lynz real cooking

When we visited my son in Boise he took us to a diner that had been established in 1956. The food was amazing, simple and delicious.

Their special dessert was ice cream in the shape of a potato! I love Idaho!


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