Food time

I love the new H Mart in Mesa Arizona! I was worried I wouldn’t find good Korean food here, but they actually have a lot of good ones! The best Korean food I’ve ever had state side was in Seattle, not Cali actually, but the food here is definitely a step up from Denver. Found me some of this good 김밥 today!


My Daily

This weekend I made a roast.

The trick here is to make it southern style. Massage the spices in first, then massage the flour on top. Sear it on a hot pan with oil on all six sides till brown (not cooked through), then drop it in a crockpot for eight hours with cream of chicken and add two cups of chicken stock. I like to also add potatoes and cabbage with bay leaves.

Decided to also make my favorite side.

Bacon wrapped green beans with brown sugar. The trick with these is to cut the bacon into three parts, place the brown sugar with three canned green beans inside, then roll it and stab with a toothpick. They are delicious!

Dinner was great!

None of you were invited.