Slow Cooker Salisbury Steaks

I LOVE Salisbury Steak. This is a great food blog that has been on my reader for a bit. Check it out! 🙂
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What's for Dinner Moms?

I loved Salisbury Steaks growing up. We would get the TV dinners (remember when they were called that?) with the metal three tray compartments. I would either get Fried Chicken or Salisbury Steak with mashed potatoes in one little compartment and corn in the other. They were a great treat growing up.

I don’t know why I have never thought of making them before. I think every time I thought about them the thought of frying the patties before putting them in the slow cooker seemed like such hard work. Yes, I can be that lazy some days. I finally decided yesterday that I needed to try making them.


At first my daughter was a bit put off by the smell of the meal because it had a heavy onion smell to it. But, as it cooked it smelled better and better. There was one lunch portion leftover and…

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No double dipping

Can you believe people don’t actually know what double dipping is?

And it doesn’t only apply to chips and salsa, pizza, and cotton candy.

For example, below are one of my favorite snacks the pistachio nut.

As a kid I didn’t like them. I tasted this tiny bit of tartness at the end that turned me off and I already had honey roasted peanuts so I was good. I love pistachios… but not after I watch you double dipping!

Oh you don’t know how to double dip with nuts? That’s when you pick up four or five of them because they are hard to open like this one 

and you throw it back into the bowl because you don’t want to waste it.


People will even grab a handful of mixed nuts, pick out the few they like, and then throw the rest back in! Covered in their humanness! That’s why you don’t eat bar nuts…

Anyways. There you have it. Don’t do it.




Today we sacrificed a pig, killed some potatoes with a knife, and guillotined some corn for a nice oven steam pot broil!

By “we” I mean I did…

Company coming over… I need help cleaning. Volunteers?

Sorry for the missed comments this week. I’ll catch up. It’s been a long one and this next week will be even longer. But at least we have today. And I got beer.

Throwing up some decorations for a party we are having.

None of you are invited…

this is awkward now…




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