Reactive Blogging?

Hmmm I disagree with the “experts.” The interaction you do IS enough to drive traffic as long as you keep looking for “new” traffic. Hence the point about “many fronts.” Thanks for the mention! -OM
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Random Ramblings; Myriad Musings

I celebrated my 7-year “Blog-o-versary” in October of this year. I don’t think that I’m a novice to this blogging thing. There was virtually no traffic here for the first couple of years; I wasn’t able to post very often due to job responsibilities, and the only comments I received were spam. I only followed a handful of blogs at that time – less than 10, I think – and while I would ‘Like’ posts, I wouldn’t comment and I didn’t follow anyone. I simply didn’t have the time.

After I left my last full-time job and began scheduling my own work on my own time, I had more time to read other blogs in depth. I began following more, commenting once in a while, and re-blogging others – possibly in excess, but I meant no harm. I thought that displaying a genuine interest in others and engaging in…

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What is the best way to interact with bloggers?

This is a great reminder not to forget about the silent readers! Nice post! -OM
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Jean's Writing

Do you engage with drive-by readers?

If not, maybe you should.


Because others, like myself, may be drive-by readers. drive 01

That means reading on the run. Waiting in line, waiting for to pick up grandkids, or in the dentist/doctors office. And almost always I read on my phone.


The absence of a comment doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the blog post. Simply means I wasn’t in a place to write one. Typing on my cell phone is not easy.

And even though we’re all very busy with the holidays, remember to read and click the “like” button. Means a lot to bloggers everywhere.

A post by OPINIONATED MAN encouraged me to do more.

So I’m going to start with an apology.

sorry badI’m sorry if I’ve disappointed any of my readers. I’ve read many posts but sometimes failed to click the “like” button. Just because I’m on the run doesn’t mean I…

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How I got 54 blog followers in 10 years

I think the “being you” is the best advice of all! I appreciate the smiles found so far. 🙂 -OM
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beard with a blog

A blog that gets a lot of traffic has a few things in common… that I don’t do. put this helpful list of to do’s for a blog that is sure to get traffic. It’s not like I’m drawing back the curtain, revealing some hidden blogging secrets, or selling out since I haven’t made a habit of doing any of these. You can call me out if I try any of this in the future which may or may not have any effect on whether I cease and desist.

  • Lists and numbers

Actually this is true of my own blog. Two years ago I was in between jobs working at Ashland University when I wrote The 4 People I met Over the Weekend. It was my first weekend of that job and it has the most views of any of my posts.

  • Mentioning people that readers know


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I am reading blogs this morning and I have a thought to pass on. When you are setting up your blog or website and you are picking your template, font, or background please consider one thing before settling on it. Ask yourself this one question…

Is my blog hard to read?

I am staring at a blood red background with tiny black font and I can’t read it…

I gave up, closed their website, and I am writing this post now.

That is what happens when we can’t read your blog. If you can’t honestly tell whether your blog is hard to read find an opinionated friend to look at it.

-Opinionated Man


Weighing Blogging Relationships

How do you weigh a blogging relationship or any relationship online? Isn’t it the same as a relationship in person?

As with anything in life we have to determine what is in it for ourselves. What do we get out of the relationship and is it worth having? Are we being used and all that is left in the morning is a hershey kiss and a thank you note…

The longer you blog the more you’ll consider blogging and the intricacies that make it so hard. You’ll see ranting about unfaithful following, fake subscribers, and lack of views. You’ll see these posts because people care and why shouldn’t they? Bloggers pour countless hours into their sites, posts, and the people they interact with. Blogging is a social media, it isn’t just a media of presentation. Because of that time is valuable and we want to know if who we are using our time on is worth it. We want to know if we are wasting our time.

I make this very simple for myself, but some might say “well Opinionated Man has that luxury.”

You see I don’t focus on the response back, but instead on my activities that generate response. I don’t click around my site for hours waiting for people to care… I make people care. I don’t reread old comments to glow, I go out and make new connections to stimulate new comments. That is how I blog by cutting the “relationship” out of it.

That isn’t for everyone.

You’ll have Helga who has to be best friends with every blogger she follows. And everyone better be best friends back or they’ll get a warning, an email, and a door knock.

You might even be a Gary who does Gary things, but that is the beauty of blogging. We get to do what we want!

So how do you weigh a blogging relationship? Is it based off one comment and the response, or lack thereof?

Do you base it off regular visits or nothing at all?

-Opinionated Man


From Harsh Reality: How do you keep from annoying your subscribers?

I appreciate your mention and kind link back to my post! Thank you! -OM
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Live Free 2 Sail Fast

This is a great post from the “Harsh Reality” blog that I grabbed to share with all of you.        While not everything is perfect on his blog, he’s pretty impressive as a full time father, someone who works full time and has a life and a house and still finds time to blog EVERY day, sometimes much more than once per day.  And he’s got more than 50,000 followers, so his advice seems to be sage at times.

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