I Lost One Follower — Here Is What I Learnt

I get this obsession and went through it! Press on towards those goals is what I say! Good luck! -OM
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Sam H Arnold

Are negative interactions as important as positive?

Having set the challenge to increase my followers by 1000. I have become obsessed with checking my stats.

Today I noticed that in two hours, I had lost one follower. Just one follower, but to me this one follower became the most important person to my blog.

Before you all worry about the level of my sanity I went from 941 to 940 it was very noticeable.

If only I could ask that 1 follower why they had unfollowed? What post made them unfollow?

I hadn’t published any posts that day so the reason wasn’t obvious. If I had published a post on the skills of President Trump in women’s rights, I would have known why.

This obsession with a lost follower is also only limited to my writing. On social media, my stats go up and down constantly.

I have noticed…

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Celebrate and appreciate those milestones bloggers! No one else will ever appreciate the hard work as much as you will yourself! Congrats on 100,000 views, that’s a huge step! -OM
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The Captain's Speech

Back in 2013, there was a time when I thought 32 views in one day would be the most I’d ever achieve on this blog. I was content with that because in the grand scheme of things, I’m a tiny grain of sand in a giant sandbox, known as the internet. I’ll take my scraps with a smile.

Not even two weeks later, I got 1067 views in a day. It was terrifying and I thought I would need security to leave my house.

You may think you want a big wave of views, but when it comes all at once, you turn into an 8-year-old at a lemonade stand, having to deal with a lineup of about a billion-ish people.

“Sorry, my mom didn’t buy me enough lemons. Check out my Sound Cloud. Ya dig?” Or whatever 8-year-olds say. (Do they say “Ya dig”? I’m grasping, not to be…

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