Bunny Fever

Today was a horrible pig day.

I watched out the window as what seemed like hundreds of bunnies frolicked in front of my eyes. They rubbed their little bushy tailed asses of freedom in front of my caged Guinea face. I’ve never hated Colorado so much!

Damn those bunnies!!!

At least I got a bath…



I could see it in your eyes. A little hidden light as it dies. Holding hands, I’m holding you. I’ve decided to see this through. Shining light, die tonight. Fingers gripped so tight. Steely resolve leaves a mystery unsolved. A feeling of satisfaction just right.


Inspiration found

Where is inspiration found. We think as we seek it in the night and day. Chasing periods for a hidden thought, finding a hidden thought where there is none. Drawing motivation from the unmotivated as they use their talent in a halfass way.

Do we seek inspiration or does inspiration find us. I ponder this even as I find my answer. She walks beside me and in front of her is a shopping cart with the Target logo on it. We don’t talk for several minutes, but at some point our pace becomes the same. Our walk of life is the same. Two different souls, probably with different stories… I don’t know. But what impresses me the most is that I feel a soul walking by me when in a normal day I pass a hundred shadows attached to bodies I easily forget. It is so rare to find something that touches me anymore in this layered world of artificial pleasures. Our bodies forget what true feeling really feels like.

Going anywhere special?” I ask her daring to break the silence that may have secured our companionship for the moment. Had I broken it? But I have to know. She has such a look of determination and hope on her face that it almost baffles me. Ok, it does baffle me. Weren’t the homeless supposed to be distraught and depressed? Was there an answer here that she held that I might need to find a different type of happiness in life?

“Forward. Always forward. Never back,” she responds as if she has said those words a million times. It tickles my mind. And with each step a new letter begins to make sense. By the second word I know she has given me a gift. When I turn to thank her she is gone. I look behind me quickly, to the right, and left. Hell I even look up… Nope. Nowhere. She has vanished, but the thought she has given me has not. The inspiration of a moment that was meant to bless a page. And so it has.

-Opinionated Man

Jason C. Cushman



The Duel

A flash of steel to match my frustration lashes out at my opponent. The swipe passes before his mocking gaze, a gaze I strive to break but can’t. We slowly circle around one another. Around what we want and need as we seek the opening that will end this dance.

I slowly move my blade left to right in front of his eyes to break his concentration. His blade whips out in annoyance and slides as our steel caresses each other. I turn my wrist and use my guard to dislodge his intrusion. Pressing forward with a ferocity I feel inside, I charge like an upset lion with wild swings of my sword. Anger given into frustration, I press past the need for caution.

My enemy, my opponent easily deflects each blow. He almost casually counters my finale and grounds my blade into the dirt with a sneer. Grabbing my sword hand with his freedom he quickly spins me about. I face the falling sun as I feel the full length of the blade run through me. Falling sun matches what is done as a falling son lets his sword fall from his grasp.



You lay upon a plain of snow so white. A moment framed in glaring red to match your Scarlet gown. You are a mistake and an action made… a reaction to the emotion of the moment. Your beauty shattered like a snow flake, body laying like a symbol of the past. You are a reminder of the hate and desire which lived here moments ago…

Scarlet, slowly covered now by frozen tears from above. Falling pieces of guilt to bury you from sight. My sight.

Do not fear the end my love. Fear the how.

A scarlet snowflake in the field.

-Opinionated Man

Jason C. Cushman

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