Just Write

I am often asked how I come up with my posts. At first I took my prompts from fortune cookies, but those got old after awhile. Truthfully I simply write when I feel like writing and I feel like writing all the time. When I look back over my posts I consider most “sloppy” and very few do I consider “good,” but I do appreciate that other people enjoy them. I believe there are some people that always love there work, some that never like their work, and many like me that rarely like their own writing. I once said that I came onto WordPress to improve my skills, but that is a lie. I come on WordPress to write my current thoughts because texting is so tedious and where better than here to rant at the world?

Just write. Don’t think so hard about it is what I tell people if they ask. If it is interesting to you that is the first step. I have never understood why anyone would write on topics or spill out long articles on subjects they don’t have any concern over. Why write about it? If you see a post on this website it is because I thought about it, I cared about it, and hell… I decided to write about it. I think fear stops many people from voicing their opinions on the world and that is tragic to me. The day we give up our voices and the right to our own opinion is the day we might as well place the chain around our necks and stop caring. Because you are then truly a slave to the world at that point.

My parents brought me up to take ownership of my own views and not only that, but to stand behind my convictions. We are given so few things on this earth, but the one thing no one can take from you is your internal opinion. Now whether or not you can actually voice those words is a different story, but that should never stop someone from formulating their own outlooks on what is going on in their lives and in this world. Break your bubble people and more importantly share your thoughts. You never know how many people might relate or find courage from your actions.

I wish I could write more and had the time to write more in depth on this blog. I micro blog because writing is only a portion of what I do on WordPress, as I said in my blogging model I only spend 33.3% of my time on WP writing posts. I do sometimes wonder at and envy those “celebrities” that can just write and have people read all the time. They have no obligation to interact back and their fame brings them view after view. I will never be famous in this life and because of that I have to work for my views. Each and every one. It is called “the grind” people and we do what we must for things we care about. I care about writing because I love it.

-Opinionated Man

10 Ways to Get Paid to Blog!

1. Keep telling everyone you get paid to blog until people give you money for your secrets.

2. “Borrow” photos from all the travel bloggers to make it look like you live a lavish lifestyle! Never be photographed without a beverage in hand!

3. Replace Blog with giant Starbucks Advertisement. No words necessary.

4. Inform your company you will begin blogging about work. Let them know there is an “easy way to do this” or a “hard way.”

5. Kidnap your neighbor’s dog and create a blog post holding it for ransom.

6. Start the first ever “Blog Maid” business and offer to clean blogs for a set price. English Maid outfit is optional.

7. Replace your blog name with “Google” and see how high your power ranking goes.

8. Change your book title to something about SEO, even if it is a poetry book, and sell that sucker! People will fall for anything!

9. Be sexy and post photos of yourself in various animal costumes.

10. Become the first blogger from China on WordPress.


For Men Only – 10 Ways to get Out of an Argument

1. Play dead. Before you laugh and say “that won’t work” have you actually tried it? Seriously, fall down and don’t move. Even if she yells your name or pokes at you with her high heel. Just pretend like it is nap time.

2. Start to pray. I normally look at them and indicate they are supposed to join in… and keep shooting astonished looks that they aren’t.

3. Keep saying “I love you” till they stop talking. It will work. Have faith.

4. Counter everything they say with a bad adage about some sport they hate. Women absolutely hate when we do sports analogies and it is enjoyable to see them squirm.

5. Yell “That’s right I forgot to do that thing!” and run out the door… you may want to wait a few hours before returning. Possibly with some flowers.

6. Tell her suddenly that Bill has died. When Bill shows up to your house the next day fall to your knees and cry “Lord! It’s a miracle!”

7. Keep turning the argument to her anger issues. Even if she doesn’t have any. It makes them rethink themselves and they end up getting frustrated and dropping the topic.

8. If you are married or dating an Asian woman yell out “Godzilla” and use those few seconds wisely.

9. If arguing while eating suddenly “choke” on a chicken bone and allow her to be the hero. No one wants to argue when they are in hero mode.

10. When an argument is about to start in bed I use two options. I either fart and allow the humor of the moment to dissolve the tension in the atmosphere OR I start audible snoring until she gets the picture.

Note: I am not responsible for any possible… repercussions of following my relationship advice…

-Opinionated Man

10 Reasons I Hate Your Blog

1. You write all over your blog about how “you blog for yourself” and “you aren’t blogging to get rich,” but then you rant continuously about fake followers, falling stats, and no one visiting your website. Do you really care? I am confused.

2. Every post you write starts with “I am sorry to say this, but ___.” Even your comments begin with an apology. You might just be the sorriest person I have ever met.

3. All of your posts are quotes from great writers, philosophers, or thinkers from history. The problem is I actually have read most of their books myself so I really don’t need a Reader full of random quotes you found interesting. Besides the order in which you share them makes me seriously wonder if you actually read the damn books to begin with.

4. You “found” God and you are on a quest to show him to everyone. In the world. Every day. Not just on Sundays. Every day.

5. I have seen so many pictures of your dog that I have hunger pains. I blame the Korean in me.

6. Your blog reads EXACTLY like CNN. As “IF” you literally wrote an article on every “hot topic” because everyone else was. You don’t even share it in a new and exciting way… it is just like reading CNN.

7. You aren’t funny, but you think you are.

8. You write relationship advice and claim to be an expert and yet you show in your bio that you are three times divorced. Shouldn’t you pick a different topic? I mean obviously the Love Doctor act really isn’t panning out. Or maybe you are simply one of those people that can easily help others, just never yourself.

9. Every post you write is about a new sexual exploit. While I am all for “kinky,” I highly doubt you are hooking up with multiple people a day, every day. If you are… you are just gross and so is your blog.

10. You write strongly on bullying, but never with personal experience. It is always “I knew a person once” or “A girl I know.” It is pretty obvious you have never been truly bullied in your life. Having a “rough day” doesn’t count as a life of being bullied either…


I wish I could sing still

I was a soprano till I was 16 years old. I sang in the Memphis Boychoir for awhile. You can laugh all you want, but I sounded good and we got paid too. There was no American Idol, X Factor, or the Voice “back then.” Yea I said it, and although not technically “old” at 33 I am at a cusp age when things became cool. Think about it, when I turned 18 online gaming through computer LAN parties was just becoming popular. Cooler kids would walk by our dorms and give us “looser looks” while we played StarCraft and Counterstrike on our PCs, but 10 years later everyone was playing Halo at home on their xbox. I spent a hellish Christmas season as a manager of a Gamestop Video store in Memphis, Tennessee for a bit and it was always amazing the randomness of my customers. I would have everything from the “18ish kid” (technically you legally had to be 18 at the time to buy the Rated Mature games, but who is really going to ID for that if they look close enough… I was 21 at the time and could have given a fuck less what they bought or played to be honest) to the man in a business suit buying the game on his way home from work. BMW key chain of course.

Harry Potter came out after I had left high school… basically childhood. What did we have? Star Wars? Which if you played Star Wars past a certain age you didn’t get picked during recess. Or you got picked last… after Cindy. I mean honestly Cindy can’t you let me get picked first sometime? Jesus!

I got side tracked, so basically this is a complaint about being born in 1981. And not being able to sing anymore. And working during Christmas at Gamestop, “Look lady your son may not be eighteen, but his brother sure was!” And I miss my civic.