Fashion Blog Update

I think my new fashion blog has been going great. Next the animal costumes and maybe some face paint. Then I can show you all my dance moves and I can throw down on a beat. Maybe convert them to vlogs on my YouTube channel.

… ok I won’t be doing any of that.

And this fashion blog sucks. I told you this was a bad idea Gary.




Blogging Is NOT Writing

I think people just like to argue.

Blogging is sharing ANYTHING on a form of media. That “anything” can be writing, photos, food recipes, poetry, pictures of your dog… whatever!

Writers write. Photographers post photos. Cooks post recipes. WE ALL BLOG! We are NOT all writing!

Why is differentiating the two so important to me? That is simple to answer. I help to clarify the line between blogging and writing as a writer because I am ALSO a social media networker. What the hell do you all think I do all day? I don’t ONLY write and I don’t ONLY publish blog posts all day. I network, I meet and greet, I engage, I socialize – I BLOG! That is the portion of blogging that so many people miss.

Why do people miss the correlation between blogging and their personal form of expression? People want to be noticed, obviously. They want recognition and they want users to flock to their pages and gawk over their work, regardless what that work may be. I get it and I’d love that too! I’d love to be able to write every day and have lines of social media users ready to praise my awesomeness every day! Wouldn’t we all love that and wouldn’t it be AWESOME if that alone were blogging?

Unfortunately we live in the real world where the average blogger must work to get noticed. The real world where we have to garner interest to get people to care about what we are blogging. If they are photos, you better be hot! If it is food, you better be doing something special with eels and it should make my mouth water! That sharing, that attempt to draw a reader, watcher, or browser in IS the networking part of blogging that bloggers forget about. Or they simply miss it altogether. No one teaches you about the hard work that blogging requires to get people to like whatever it is you are blogging about. None of these ebooks, SEO experts, or wannabe media users trying to sell you $50/hr lessons are going to shatter your dreams and tell you that to get what you want you must devote countless hours of free time to garner interest FIRST before people become interested! If someone tried to sell their product with that marketing promo they wouldn’t sell a damn thing!

Instead people like to lie to you and tell you all it takes is the right post to go viral. They will tell you it is all about “what you write” or “who you write it for.” They’ll say things like “the reason your blog isn’t blowing up is because your tags suck or your domain name is too long!” Yes, those are all factors that sometimes go into a post being noticed, but the key word missing is the one word we shouldn’t ever forget because it is what we are.

We are bloggers. To gain notice, to gain a following, you must be what you are trying to attract.

You must be a blogger first.

-Opinionated Man