Slow Cooker Salisbury Steaks

I LOVE Salisbury Steak. This is a great food blog that has been on my reader for a bit. Check it out! 🙂
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What's for Dinner Moms?

I loved Salisbury Steaks growing up. We would get the TV dinners (remember when they were called that?) with the metal three tray compartments. I would either get Fried Chicken or Salisbury Steak with mashed potatoes in one little compartment and corn in the other. They were a great treat growing up.

I don’t know why I have never thought of making them before. I think every time I thought about them the thought of frying the patties before putting them in the slow cooker seemed like such hard work. Yes, I can be that lazy some days. I finally decided yesterday that I needed to try making them.


At first my daughter was a bit put off by the smell of the meal because it had a heavy onion smell to it. But, as it cooked it smelled better and better. There was one lunch portion leftover and…

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Today we sacrificed a pig, killed some potatoes with a knife, and guillotined some corn for a nice oven steam pot broil!

By “we” I mean I did…

Company coming over… I need help cleaning. Volunteers?

Sorry for the missed comments this week. I’ll catch up. It’s been a long one and this next week will be even longer. But at least we have today. And I got beer.

Throwing up some decorations for a party we are having.

None of you are invited…

this is awkward now…




My 28 Days of Sugar Detox. 28 Днів без Цукру.

Who is up for a sugar detox challenge?!? I only lasted 3 seconds… -OM
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Salutaris Vita


Yeah, I am finally writing a summary for my sugar detox challenge that I started on June 11 and ended on July 9, and what a challenge it was… The reason why I started the detox could be found here. The first three days of the detox in details could be found here.

The first week, as I expected, was the hardest one. Cravings weren’t the most difficult part. The biggest challenge for me was to change my habits. For example, before sugar detox, I used to stop at the local grocery store after my training session at gym to buy some post-workout snacks. The snacks, I used to buy, often included fitness bars, filled with lots of sugar. My favorite post-training snack, a banana, was also eliminated during sugar detox, because of the natural sugar it contains. Also, before detox, I had a habit to eat some…

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I’m making a simple potato soup today. From scratch. It’s my day off and the kids are at school.

A couple more hours before I add milk and get the texture creamy. Then I’ll add cheese and bacon bits on top. Salt and garlic powder if you like.