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For Men Only – Relationships

I do a lot of laundry and the one thing my wife gets mad at me for continuously is for putting stuff away in the wrong place. I get it. It is really annoying when you go to make a sandwich and the mustard isn’t where it is supposed to be because someone put it in the cabinet. When you are in a rush you just expect things to be in a certain spot.

But who else here has a problem with trying to sort women’s clothes? I got shirts, blouses, dresses, sweaters, tank tops, t shirts, t shirts just for home, sleepwear, button ups, and that’s only half of them. Why do women have so many different shirts? I wonder why they want to be able to blend in so easily…

It is obviously a conspiracy. I told you before that the “outfit of the month” is really code for what uniform women will universally wear that week. I also think there is some type of secret countdown going on. You ever notice they buy clothes for “in case stuff happens!”

“Well my sister might get married! I need this dress!”

“You don’t have a sister…”

“Well then I’ll wear it at your funeral.”

-Opinionated Man



I was attacked

Viciously. And I have the boo boo to prove it.

Now some opinionated people might tell me to “suck it up butter cup” and move on. The problem is that my attacker is still here and lurking in my room. You just saw his cousin in the previous photo.

Here is the bastard below.

I just can’t keep walking by and not say something to this guy. I mean he is so smug and almost mocking me… and my knee hurts like hell!!!

I’m not going to lie to you all and say I didn’t wack it a few times with my sword… I did with some choice words. Choice I tell you.