The drivers out here are freaking nuts. 65 on 45 streets with zero fucks given. A guy tried to merge his car into mine this morning on the way to work.

Seriously world, just because you put your blinker on doesn’t mean you have the rightaway. Especially if I’m right next to you! I hate it was dark still and he didn’t see my middle finger swirl.

On a brighter note – found a great Korean restaurant five minutes from home!

It was probably some of the best Galbi and pork belly I’ve had stateside. I could eat there everyday!!! It took us almost 25 minutes to get to the one and only Korean restaurant in Arvada, CO.

Love the food options here.

-Opinionated Man


I said white powder from the sky!

Not snow…

I can’t wait to move to Arizona!

It’s not pretty. I know someone is thinking “oh how lovely!”


Try shoveling it. It is horrible!

I hate snow. No one likes you. Go away.



I’m moving to Arizona soon. Should make for some interesting new dailies!

No more snow! Unless I come back to Colorado and visit, which I will. Since I have a team here and in Arizona, it makes it easy to be in either location.

I’ll miss this neighborhood. It was a nice location, but I’ve been in this state for 12 years. Time to move on to the next adventure!




The most frustrating part is seeing the difference between active and passive leaders.

Those that lead and take charge, and those that think they’ve earned the right to watch others work.

There has to be a balance between the orchestration of work being done and project deadlines being met, with a fine mixture of self propelled force backed by your own action. If your team doesn’t see you working too, they won’t ever respect you.

That doesn’t mean everyone has to do the same type of rowing, but even the captain is doing a form of rowing of his own. Any organization that allows tiers of leadership to become stagnant and still allow for raises and promotions with no merit should stop and think about what they are doing.

It is a huge mistake.