Back to one

It will just be me for awhile. I won’t have guest bloggers or promote authors this year. I also won’t schedule any posts or respin old ones, so this website may get a bit boring. I also won’t reblog as much this year due to time.

I’m back to realtime blogging, back to the way this blog began. Just with more breaks because I’m old and tired. And grumpy.


-Opinionated Man



2017 Annual Bloggers Bash Awards VOTING OPEN @bloggersbash #BloggersBash

I think this is a great thing that happens annually in London. Lots of people are going from around the world and I’ve enjoyed watching it grow and gain traction.

This is not like those “Liebster/WordPress awards” that are used to help you network and meet new bloggers (you don’t actually win anything Gary… stop waiting for your award…)

This is a real event hosted by Sacha and her group!

Check it out! It is a great way to meet new bloggers and attend a real blogger “convention.”

And no… I won’t sit with you Gary. Stop asking! I won’t be there.


Visit the link below to see about the event. They aren’t paying me to promote it, I just think it is cool and I “know” a lot of the bloggers going.


My mom would do this. Putting stuff on the stairs and saying “take your stuff up!”

You’ll note the tiger butt. At least I pointed them in the right direction. And yes that is my hat Gary… before you point it out…😒