Could you imagine that we would ever sit where we are sitting amongst the people we are? Not far from when we couldn’t afford a dream… and now we live a dream…

Sitting by our future and enjoying a moment I never thought would happen 

I know happiness at last.




That time I was an asshole

We will all make mistakes when blogging. Some might ask “what is a blogging mistake?” I have tons of examples!

I remember I wrote a post on racism. Now many people might steer away from such topics… wusses. I love to poke the bear and what better topic as a third party Asian in a universal black and white war? Oh come on… that was a little funny.

So I’m getting comments that day and someone makes a comment about me being yellow. I went off. Like a yellow rocket…

It wasn’t till later that I got her joke was referencing another, previous comment I had made with another blogger. Obviously I wasn’t getting her context, but what was more amusing later on was realizing I missed the humor on a topic that I had started and bred.

We’ll do that all the time as humans. We love to be the victim and I definitely was only seeing what I wanted to see. Here you might ask if I apologized to her later on.

Um, no.

I don’t do online apologies to people and I tend to think you’ll live and move on. I’ve done a few apology posts for fun, but in truth I feel social media is a fair playing field. If you can’t handle adult topics go over there… way over there.

Anyways, that was a lesson I learned. Never read sentences backwards.



They said to write inspiration.

So I wrote until writing hurt. I wrote my story and my soul until there was only skin left to give.

So I gave it.

I wrote until my bones held my pencil and the only thing keeping me going was the next thought that needed to be written.

So I gritted my teeth and kept writing.

I kept writing while they chatted, while they talked, while they whispered. I wrote through the pain and the tears surrounding me, around me, needing me. I wrote while the world cried and the innocent died. I wrote while the world disappeared before my eyes…

Because writing is the only thing I know how to do and at least I can do that.

So I do that.

-Opinionated Man



Subscriber Numbers

Subscriber numbers meaning nothing. Look at the comments and the interaction. That’s how you see the true pulse of a blog.

I’m mostly talking to myself. Hi self. ✋️