What is the best way to interact with bloggers?

This is a great reminder not to forget about the silent readers! Nice post! -OM
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Jean's Writing

Do you engage with drive-by readers?

If not, maybe you should.


Because others, like myself, may be drive-by readers. drive 01

That means reading on the run. Waiting in line, waiting for to pick up grandkids, or in the dentist/doctors office. And almost always I read on my phone.


The absence of a comment doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the blog post. Simply means I wasn’t in a place to write one. Typing on my cell phone is not easy.

And even though we’re all very busy with the holidays, remember to read and click the “like” button. Means a lot to bloggers everywhere.

A post by OPINIONATED MAN encouraged me to do more.

So I’m going to start with an apology.

sorry badI’m sorry if I’ve disappointed any of my readers. I’ve read many posts but sometimes failed to click the “like” button. Just because I’m on the run doesn’t mean I…

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How I got 54 blog followers in 10 years

I think the “being you” is the best advice of all! I appreciate the smiles found so far. 🙂 -OM
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beard with a blog

A blog that gets a lot of traffic has a few things in common… that I don’t do. Incomediary.com put this helpful list of to do’s for a blog that is sure to get traffic. It’s not like I’m drawing back the curtain, revealing some hidden blogging secrets, or selling out since I haven’t made a habit of doing any of these. You can call me out if I try any of this in the future which may or may not have any effect on whether I cease and desist.

  • Lists and numbers

Actually this is true of my own blog. Two years ago I was in between jobs working at Ashland University when I wrote The 4 People I met Over the Weekend. It was my first weekend of that job and it has the most views of any of my posts.

  • Mentioning people that readers know


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Health Update

I haven’t been able to fight crime because of my hurt neck. I also called in sick to ninja class.

We bought a massager from Brookstone and it is shocking how soothing that vibrating motion is. For the price of this thing I expected someone to pop out of the box and give me an actual massage…

I feel like my neck is on the mend and I’m starting to blame my pillow for this whole mess. There’s an inspection tag on it and guess what employee name I see…

-Opinionated Man