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What question do you want answered today?

I’d like to know where this place is and if it exists anymore…

I can’t find it on Google maps and it is/was in Pusan, South Korea when I was born. Anyone want to help?



Back to one

It will just be me for awhile. I won’t have guest bloggers or promote authors this year. I also won’t schedule any posts or respin old ones, so this website may get a bit boring. I also won’t reblog as much this year due to time.

I’m back to realtime blogging, back to the way this blog began. Just with more breaks because I’m old and tired. And grumpy.


-Opinionated Man




I love how commercials always have the most helpful customer service reps on them. I work in the customer service industry and have in some form since I was 16 and got my first job. One of the most frustrating things to encounter as a customer is to explain your desire and have the representative act like you just spoke a different language to them.

If you are lucky some other, more brilliant worker comes over after overhearing you and quickly helps… because your request was actually really simple.

If you are unlucky you are left with two workers, blinking like owls without the hoot, acting as confused as they possibly can while explaining why they can’t help you.

Commercials are false advertising.