I see the teardrops where you once stood. But you are no longer there.

I see darkness up above. It reminds me of dark black hair.

Stains upon a window pane paint a picture of pain so fine.

And there we sit, a distant past, our love lost in the fire.

Tear drops falling from above seem to remind me of that love.

They fall between my fingertips and remind me of parted lips.




My Journey: Minnesota to Nevada

WOW what a journey! I thought I’d swing back around and share this one. Worth a read!
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Hunida's Blog

I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada just 4 months after I turned 21 years old. I’ve always known that I wanted to leave Minnesota. I just had no idea where to. I looked at apartment prices in a ton of different states.

For my 21st birthday, boyfriend and I went on a week long vacation to parts of Cali and to Las Vegas with a majority of our time being spent in Las Vegas.


We fell in love with this city. One drunken night on The Strip, boyfriend said that we should move there. I was so excited that he finally had a suggestion to move somewhere. I kept telling him that I wanted to move out of state but he never seemed down for it. I was starting to believe that he wanted to stay in Minnesota.

He still says he loves and misses MN all the time but…

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Disable Email Notification

I share a lot of posts and I post a ton. It sends lots of email traffic out that annoys people like Gary. You can disable email notification from a specific blog in a couple of ways, but the easiest way to do it is from the email itself. Click at the bottom where it says unsubscribe from email or something like that. That link from WordPress takes you to where you can adjust the email settings from the WordPress dashboard. This allows you to stop getting massive amounts of emails from specific bloggers (e.g. HarsH ReaLiTy), but you’ll still get notices from those bloggers you like and show as subscribed to them.

I encourage everyone to unsubscribe from my blog.

Wait. I mean disable email notification…

Never mind…



Friday Fun: Miscellaneous Memes & Music!

“You can’t airbrush personality” lol!
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Random Ramblings; Myriad Musings

I think that it’s time for a few Friday memes, followed by a bit of music! The sun is out today, so it’s time to ride over to the beach and take a walk on the sand. Later, ‘gators!


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I am reading blogs this morning and I have a thought to pass on. When you are setting up your blog or website and you are picking your template, font, or background please consider one thing before settling on it. Ask yourself this one question…

Is my blog hard to read?

I am staring at a blood red background with tiny black font and I can’t read it…

I gave up, closed their website, and I am writing this post now.

That is what happens when we can’t read your blog. If you can’t honestly tell whether your blog is hard to read find an opinionated friend to look at it.

-Opinionated Man