Crystal ball

I know how I will be injured in the future and it won’t be by stepping on a lego.

Those do hurt though.

No, my next major injury will come from stepping on an earring left on the carpet. I found some today and luckily I pushed my inevitable future out by one day.

… it’s gonna hurt.

I can already feel it.





This bartender must not like tips.

I’ve gotten two drinks and chips without a single word of response from this bartender. That’s either amazingly efficient or you just don’t give a fuck about being a good bartender.

Conversation is a basic job requirement…

Before you ask, yes, I’ve worked in the industry most of my life…


Daily Colorado

My first cast iron skillet! I’m not sure why it took me so long to get one.

This was an early early Christmas present…

I’m gonna make cornbread!