Night terror, my terror, why do you terrorize me?

Slaying, murdering, keeping – precious sleep from me.

Awakened with quickened pulse, still alive to fear.

I search around in the dark for the terrors near.

Sleep is gone and stays away, even though I call her name.

She hears me scream and knows my name, from the sound of nightly pain.




Reactive Blogging?

Hmmm I disagree with the “experts.” The interaction you do IS enough to drive traffic as long as you keep looking for “new” traffic. Hence the point about “many fronts.” Thanks for the mention! -OM
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Random Ramblings; Myriad Musings

I celebrated my 7-year “Blog-o-versary” in October of this year. I don’t think that I’m a novice to this blogging thing. There was virtually no traffic here for the first couple of years; I wasn’t able to post very often due to job responsibilities, and the only comments I received were spam. I only followed a handful of blogs at that time – less than 10, I think – and while I would ‘Like’ posts, I wouldn’t comment and I didn’t follow anyone. I simply didn’t have the time.

After I left my last full-time job and began scheduling my own work on my own time, I had more time to read other blogs in depth. I began following more, commenting once in a while, and re-blogging others – possibly in excess, but I meant no harm. I thought that displaying a genuine interest in others and engaging in…

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