Dear WordPress

Your new update for the mobile app sucks.

I know you are trying to make it like publisher or some Microsoft product, but I can’t edit my photos now on it. Multi fields aren’t cool when you just want to write!!!

Fix it.

I know it probably works on the computer, but I haven’t posted from there in two years. Stop making my posts look amateurish because I can’t edit my tag photo or any photo now. They already look bad enough with my crappy writing.

I know your people are probably super busy moderating dumb forums no one cares about and trying to look important. Pay your engineers more and someone fix this bullshit.

How hard is it to code an edit button?

-Opinionated Man

See how dumb this huge tag looks now? I can’t make it smaller anymore!!!


The ugly thing about social media is that you get to see friends and church members fight over topics and subjects we’ve always ignored because they aren’t important to our friendship and fellowship. Regardless of your political beliefs in a country that allows you the freedom to vote as YOU want to, also practice the freedom of ignoring what YOU disagree with. Don’t allow politics to break US like it sometimes tears this nation. We can still walk in the same direction in life without agreeing on everything.



The people in Arizona have been great.

Phoenix Suns fans are mean.

Ok that may be unfair, but a “fan” stole my seat, tried to get my friend to go god knows where with him, and then pushed me while I was trying to slide by him nearly sending me tumbling down three rows.

No joke, if I wasn’t ninja fast I could have broken something.

I told my wife by text and she sent me an emoji with a head shake.

I swear it wasn’t my fault! Freaking Suns fans… next time I won’t cheer for the other team I guess…