I don’t feel like writing poetry. My rhymes seem to die.

It feels like almost writing. It makes me not want to try.

I’ve seen a dying word before, he bled letters onto the sand.

They didn’t leave a sentence though. The meaning was still within.

Would I write a thought just because? A post I posted to post.

I should just write words. Leave the poetry to those that know it.




My letter to your addiction

I think these are great words of encouragement.
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God is in your typewriter

Dear You,

Addiction is an ugly beast. I saw you today, but didn’t. The devil is a liar.

I will love you in the ugliness of your disease. It will not consume you. Christ has already done that.

You were sitting so far away even though you were right next to me. I wanted to reach out and kill the ugliness. The silence was malleable. I wanted to cry. You looked like a little child. I wished I could tell you it was all going to be ok.

I hate that you struggled to see the face of Jesus. You forgot the kneeler. The weeks of sobriety. The moments of breakthrough. What He did for you. What we went through to get you here.

You choose the feeders of your destruction over the God you love, I can’t understand it. And what about me? I am standing right here, and…

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#SoCS – The Occupant

Have you joined #SoCS?!?
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Linda G. Hill

The obligatory eight-legged occupant is back in my kitchen this year. Every summer, a small spider moves in and makes a web far enough away from where I normally walk that I leave it, thinking why not? It’ll eat the occasional fly and I won’t have to race around my kitchen with a tea towel chasing it (the fly). By July my occupant is medium-sized and by the end of August it’s a giant, sitting in the middle of its web patiently waiting for its next meal. It’s definitely more patient than my kids, I’ll give it that.

Except this year I have two eight-legged occupants in my kitchen. They’re about six feet apart and so far I’ve seen neither stray from its web. I just hope one of them doesn’t decide to visit its neighbour.

If I have hundreds of eight-legged occupants in my kitchen next year, I’m moving…

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Our Final Days and a Deal With God

Thank you for spreading the word and letting some of us know. -OM
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A Holistic Journey

I wonder if she woke feeling any different that day, if she’d had any telltale dreams. We women have our sixth sense about things. But she probably had no inkling that it was her last dawn, at least on this earth. It was a sudden heart attack. Who did she greet on the way out of her building? Who got the last of her smiling gift? Who gave her her last hug, reminded her that she was loved? Susan Irene Fox is not the first blogger I’d known to have passed – she is, actually, the fourth on WordPress – but her death hits close to home. She reached out to me, put me on her prayer list three years ago, in response to a difficult post I put out. I just revisited our emails, the comments and the guest postSingle At Sixty she left on this blog, a…

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Blog Update

I have decided to share some posts again and reblog where I can. I don’t have a ton of time, but I like to share the posts I read and like.

If you don’t want me to reblog you let me know. Email or comment is fine.

I removed all the old reblogs and some old posts. Moving forward.