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“My goal with this blog is to offend everyone in the world at least once with my words… so no one has a reason to have a heightened sense of themselves. We are all ignorant, we are all found wanting, we are all bad people sometimes.”

-Opinionated Man

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Your book is out-of-stock (not)

I thought these were some good points to consider when deciding who you publish your book with online! I don’t have a book out currently, but authors may find this informative! -OM
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Ramblings from a Writer's Mind

out_stock_enI often hear authors sound flabbergasted when their books, even their newly launched publication, the one they have been working on for so long and spent a fortune, in both time and effort promoting and marketing, shows as OUT OF STOCK on major bookstore sites.

I mean, how can a brand-new novel, only published yesterday, already be out of stock? Besides, it has been published as a POD (print on demand) so it can never be out of stock… can it?

Why, if it is available from one site, is it showing as out of stock in another? It all seems so confusing.

I have been asked, “Surely if my potential reader sees out of stock against my book, they will simply by another book, someone else’s book… won’t they?”

My answer is “It is a possibility, even a probability.”

So, why can/does your newly published…

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The Adventure of Publishing an Essay

Congrats on being published and sharing the experience! That is awesome! -OM
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Memoir Of A Writer

This realm is full of unspoken rules.
Things you should just know.

My first attempt at getting an article published was an experience I needed. This is how it happened:

The pitch. Also known as, selling yourself and your work in a way that makes someone who doesn’t care about you read something you wrote. Truth be told I find this the hardest part. It would  be so much easier if they would just read it.

I pitched an article I wrote about my brother’s custom boot business to an online magazine, and they loved it…the pitch that is.

Somehow I was lucky enough that because they loved my pitch so much, they gave me the chance to edit my essay. The original wasn’t quite what they wanted.

I edited. I sent it back.

Cue the month long wait to hear back. As a student, I was never…

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Keeping a thought for my sorrow pocket…

I enjoyed reading this post. It felt like reading a few pieces of myself. Definitely worth a visit. -OM
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Maxpower's Blog

They say the Devil is in the detail and they might well be right, but I’m not completely convinced.  When I was a teenager, full of angst and testosterone, I wrote a poem as young men who write tend to do and it opened like this; I’ve lost my church but not my faith, people stare and wonder what’s gone wrong with me.  They seem to think it’s God I hate, but I’ve lost my church, not my faith.

Of course to put this in context I was growing up and out of, a very traditional Irish Catholic upbringing.  The simple act of not attending mass on Sunday, required special dispensation from my mother and even at that you needed a pretty good reason not to go.  As small children we went to mass with my parents.  As we entered our teenage years we were given the limited religious…

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Blogging, Networking, and Growth

How do you grow your website? That’s the question I keep getting emails asking me. Authors, promoters, networkers all want the same thing that those SEO books claim to offer. The trick is defining what your goal is. What do you want?

I wanted a website with a million views. It just sounds cool and I now have that.

But what do you want? Are you an author that isn’t looking for the “passive” driveby view and are instead seeking the hard sale or lifetime reader? Are you an artist that just wants each person that looks to buy something or a cook sharing your recipes daily, but comments help. Writers grinding it out each day for the views, the comments, or just to write. We are all bloggers sharing in some way on whatever platform we use, but we all have our own goals in this all.

I get daily emails asking for tips on growth and I often ask them what they are after because there are views and there are “views.” Wouldn’t it have been nice to have had a book written before the website and sold 1,669,766 copies off Wouldn’t it have been nice to have this website off of WordPress and gotten paid for those views from ads? Perhaps. There are benefits to having a website connected to WordPress that people obviously leach upon. I am in a “sharing mood” today and I haven’t written anything in a bit. I’ll share some thoughts today.

When I began this website in 2013 I was working graveyard and was able to connect with tons of websites each day. I met people like Linda, Belinda, Nav, and a few others that have since moved on that helped ten hours overnight go by just a little bit faster. When I say I connected with “tons” of websites I don’t mean in the hundreds. It was my goal to connect and visit close to 5,000 websites a day if I could. I used a tablet that had an awesome scroll app and was able to breeze through tags at a high rate. I would use set tags for daily scrolls, re-scroll every six hours and would change tags up daily. My goal was networking, growth, building my internal subscriber list, and producing content through writing my daily thoughts that people seemed to connect with. I commented, engaged people, ran projects to help expose other people’s blogs and created a community around my website. You can’t just run around “subscribing” and liking posts on everyone’s blog and hope to build a popular website. It takes hard work and what I call the “grind.” You have to be a blogger.

I’ve never been a fan of the like button and only push it if I am re-blogging a website. I started doing that as a way to give back to the community I’ve formed here. My little corner away from everyone else’s corners. That is what my website slowly became because I am not an author selling a book yet. I am not running for president or council (possible run for Emperor in the near future though), I’m just a guy that likes to build forums. I built them on several game platforms and WordPress is no different to some of us that see social networking as a chess match. I’ll clarify that by a single statement, What Controls Google SEO. Maybe people like Danny will appreciate the joke as we brainstorm up ways of getting our website seen on a greater scale each day. I did that for the first two years, trying to think of ways to get my website really seen. I don’t care about going viral to die the next day. This website has never been about that. I’ve truly considered what it is I want to do with this place and the thought process is honestly exhausting.

The struggle of coming to the game too late. I wish I had begun blogging in 2000. WordPress has different policies now and I have a growing family with a busy day job in IT that gives me less and less time to blog. You also get tired of it all after a while. The criticism. I could imagine being able to roll my eyes at criticism if I were anyone important, but some of my experiences in and with blogging haven’t been the best. There have been times I have considered selling this website for pennies of what it is worth, at least to me because only I could ever guess how many hours I’ve poured into it. Because that really is why I bought the Premium package with my WordPress plan originally. I wanted my own domain at without “WordPress” in the name. That is ALL you get! You still have to pay for themes (I use a FREE theme and always have) and you get no added “tag” features. The rules are still the same. I think some people believe if you pay that package and know the secret button your blog posts appear in a weekly board meeting. It doesn’t work that way people. If I were writing this on my iPhone I’d insert an eye roll here, seriously.

If you are truly into getting your posts out there it is soooooooo simple. It just takes a ton of work.

  • Learn how to properly tag. I have posts on this in this section of my blog HERE or you can search “Tags” in my search bar. Tagging is easy and yet if you don’t do it properly you may as well not be writing. Right Gary? No more than 15 tags and if you add categories those count! I always do 14 tags and go check the reader immediately to see if your post appeared. Duh?
  • Join some groups out there. No one is going to get to know you if you stand in front of your window with your arms crossed anti-social jim . There are soooooo many platforms and groups you can join that allow you to “guide” people back to your wordpress site. It all depends on what you are blogging about. Photographers love Instagram because it is easy to upload photos. There is also pinterest for both bloggers and photographers. You can google those websites, I’m not going to google that shit for you.
  • Post more often. One post a week even with great tags is still going to sail on by. Learn some tricks to get that post seen on other platforms and learn how to re-share your “great posts” that may have been missed. I have tips on re-sharing old posts somewhere in that link above. Here it is again
  • Read some blogs and comment. People generally comment back and sometimes visit back. Build a community and share!
  • Ok I am done with tips. Networking is simple. Get out there and meet some bloggers. Stop being lazy.

-Opinionated Man