Food time

I love the new H Mart in Mesa Arizona! I was worried I wouldn’t find good Korean food here, but they actually have a lot of good ones! The best Korean food I’ve ever had state side was in Seattle, not Cali actually, but the food here is definitely a step up from Denver. Found me some of this good 김밥 today!



Fun fact: Cactuses, while colorful decorative vegetation, make horrible barriers for basketball courts.

If your basketball happens to bounce and land into one it will pop and force you to buy a brand new ball.



The people in Arizona have been great.

Phoenix Suns fans are mean.

Ok that may be unfair, but a “fan” stole my seat, tried to get my friend to go god knows where with him, and then pushed me while I was trying to slide by him nearly sending me tumbling down three rows.

No joke, if I wasn’t ninja fast I could have broken something.

I told my wife by text and she sent me an emoji with a head shake.

I swear it wasn’t my fault! Freaking Suns fans… next time I won’t cheer for the other team I guess…



I wouldn’t suggest posting things like this.

I’d like to complain.

Apparently in Arizona there are cameras with radar detectors that trigger and snap photos of your license plate if you are speeding.

Now I’m not admitting guilt.

In fact, the guy in front of me was most definitely speeding and should be brought to justice! If the camera got me while capturing that culprit I suggest the sherif saddle up and get the real bad guy.

Which brings me to my complaint.

Cameras? On a light post? Argh!!!

In Memphis someone would have handled that by now with a baseball bat. In Colorado they wouldn’t work for 75% of the year due to ice and snow.

It’s lame. I hate them.

Someone should have to chase me down and stand in the sun to write me a ticket. I haven’t gotten a ticket in eighteen years and if one comes in the mail I’m gonna suit up and go to see his lordship in court. I don’t roll over for cameras and as I already said… the true speeding villain is still out there and he cut me off!

Why isn’t something being done?!?

-Opinionated Man