How I got 54 blog followers in 10 years

I think the “being you” is the best advice of all! I appreciate the smiles found so far. 🙂 -OM
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beard with a blog

A blog that gets a lot of traffic has a few things in common… that I don’t do. put this helpful list of to do’s for a blog that is sure to get traffic. It’s not like I’m drawing back the curtain, revealing some hidden blogging secrets, or selling out since I haven’t made a habit of doing any of these. You can call me out if I try any of this in the future which may or may not have any effect on whether I cease and desist.

  • Lists and numbers

Actually this is true of my own blog. Two years ago I was in between jobs working at Ashland University when I wrote The 4 People I met Over the Weekend. It was my first weekend of that job and it has the most views of any of my posts.

  • Mentioning people that readers know


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