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What question do you want answered today?

I’d like to know where this place is and if it exists anymore…

I can’t find it on Google maps and it is/was in Pusan, South Korea when I was born. Anyone want to help?



2017 Annual Bloggers Bash Awards VOTING OPEN @bloggersbash #BloggersBash

I think this is a great thing that happens annually in London. Lots of people are going from around the world and I’ve enjoyed watching it grow and gain traction.

This is not like those “Liebster/WordPress awards” that are used to help you network and meet new bloggers (you don’t actually win anything Gary… stop waiting for your award…)

This is a real event hosted by Sacha and her group!

Check it out! It is a great way to meet new bloggers and attend a real blogger “convention.”

And no… I won’t sit with you Gary. Stop asking! I won’t be there.


Visit the link below to see about the event. They aren’t paying me to promote it, I just think it is cool and I “know” a lot of the bloggers going.


They’ll see you as they see you. Or they won’t see you at all. You’ll always be them to them. You’ll never be us.

They say this and that because they believe this or that. Their world becomes more important than your world and they make you want it. They make you want in on being in and they bring the doubt again. Doubt on whether or not you matter. Doubt upon your doubt.

Where do all the people go that have no one to go with. Where does loneliness go for a friend? How much longer must we hear them talk. Why can’t they ever see us speak?




A Blogging Conversation

“Hey OM, how are you? I’m a huge fan of your blog and the hard work you put into it. Your numbers are amazing and I love the way you interact with people. I was wondering how I can also monetize my website? What are the tricks and tips you use?”

I get this question a ton. A ton.

The amusing thing about the example I just used is that the person named off everything I do to grow my blog. Oh sure, there are some blogging tricks you pick up along the way, but the majority of blogging on WordPress is utilizing the tools we all have. That’s kind of what makes it interesting to me. Do I think some websites are afforded special privileges that allow their post greater reach? Absolutely, but you’d have to ask one of the cool kids how to get that black card. I’m just a regular blogger.

I think people believe I’m being trendy when I say “the grind” when it comes to the work a blog takes. And that’s just the blog. I’ve stopped most of my side projects like writing on a book and I only have time for posting and interaction for now. But that all changes daily and you have to adapt with your website if your website is your sole focus. Mine is. I love and I’ve spent countless hours here. Countless hours.

You see this is more than just a website I come to and change designs on. It is more than just a blog where I log my life through micro posts and random iPhone shots. It is more than what any of you think it is because you can never know what this site means to me.

I’ve spent almost five years now on this playground and it has been long enough to become my amusement park. It is the escape my brain needs from things that obligate it, to the fantastic. Everything is fantastic here isn’t it?

You can do anything with a website, make money, sell ponies, or share your dreams. How much work are you willing to put into it? Start there.