Look at this treasure I found in my old Pre AP English book! This was from the 11th grade, so about 20 years ago!!!

Good to know my handwriting is still awful. A teacher called it chicken scratch once.

If you are wondering why it was called pre AP, we had that level for juniors before going into AP class your senior year and hopefully passing the test which would grant you roughly around 3 hours of college credit. My eleventh grade teacher at the time wasn’t my biggest fan and I remember her telling me to find other hobbies other than writing. I just wasn’t that good to her.

I went on to pass that AP test with a 4 and got my 3 hours so I didn’t have to sit through boring 101 English in college. I’m not sure if that’s how it is done still.

Anyways, cool find. Boy I drifted off on that one…





For some of us our dinner doesn’t always end when we are done eating.

In fact, some of us that suffer from crohn’s and IBS get to watch others eat while we sweat our regret out at our mistake…

We ate Korean last night. As those that read this blog know, I’m Korean, so that really isn’t a big deal.

What was a big deal was when we accidentally ordered the spicy bulgogi cooked in red pepper paste. That’s when the magic began.

I normally sweat when I simply watch other people eating spicy and hot foods. About half a prayer after I ate my first bite, I was done. My stomach tightened like someone had punched me and it instantly felt like a small fiery coal was in my left side. It was wonderful.

I got to literally drip the cups of water I was drinking from my forehead as my family ate and I watched.

Next time you see someone skinny don’t always assume they are in shape or have a balanced diet. I am not in shape, I eat like shit, and I’m skinny as hell. Yes I’ve heard the “wait till it catches up to you!”

That just isn’t the case here. Nothing is gonna catch up to me because nothing stays in me. I know that because I’m writing this post from the toilet…

-Opinionated Man



The Daily Chore

When I was young enough to still appreciate a dollar, my father made up a contract for my siblings and I with an agreement to do chores for X amount of dollars. I think I remember he even privately gave it to each of us so we never knew what the other contracts said for one another. I grew up waiting for Friday’s when my father would come home from the hospital and give me my crisp $5 bill, which I’d normally end up spending on renting a game or movie from Blockbuster for the weekend. A sega genesis game after tax came out to be about that amount back then. Later on in life my father opened my first checking account for me and my money was deposited there. I couldn’t of been prouder to own my own debit card that had my name on it.

I’ve got two kids and I’ve been teaching them the value of money. It becomes so easy for parents to buy an extra toy for a child at Target or Walmart, what’s $5 – $10 more when I’m already paying $150 on average every time I go to one of those succubuses?

I decided my father had the right idea and I started giving them a weekly allowance recently. They were already doing chores, but now their chores have even more meaning. We tried a chore chart… but you forget what you owe and when you owe it. Children quickly pick up on if a “reward” is bogus. They stop playing those games instantly!

We’ll see how this goes. We learn something new parenting everyday!

-Opinionated Man



Facial Care for Men – Arbonne

I went through some horrible acne periods.

This is the best “men’s facial wash” I’ve used so far. We don’t get that many choices and most products either leave you oily or feeling like someone scrubbed you with steal wool.

This isn’t an advertisement! I will not make royalties from this post!

I just really like this stuff and have been using it for almost 3 years now.



Don’t read

Disclaimer: I told you not to read this.

Team of badgers thinks they can take the bear’s job because a fucking walrus runs one fucking thing a day and thinks he can run the world!

The problem with the badgers is they don’t document shit and their processes are nonexistent so they turn an environment into shit.

Then you have to get a team of pigeons in to clean it up because none of the jobs will run. That’s what happens when you have the same people writing code and releasing code. That’s also why you have a separation of power!

Much like god and country… god doesn’t need everyone bothering him on everything.

You also don’t want the same stuff in the same channel because then it breeds mistakes.

Even if you say…

“fuck them pigeons!!”

then the bats come in and audit and you are fucked.

Don’t you miss the pigeons now?



Because you are a badger!

Fucking zoo.

I’m done with this week.