It feels like I have been in this room before. It feels like I am stuck in this room in my dreams. A room full of sadness where crying children are brought to cry some more. Shelves line the walls full of their memories, their recorded logs of displacement and attempted replacement of what has been lost for them. The room is furnished with a large desk of authority against the far wall, with a couple wooden chairs that were never built for comfort facing it.

I hate this room. My eyes wander in sadness and search for an escape from what I have just heard.

The last time I was here I was crying my heart out as I struggled to know what was going on. I know this to be true even if I don’t have the memory still. Something inside me tells me there are cries still leftover inside from that experience, from that day. Those screams seek now to join the rest of the surrounding depression this room has known, a feeling I can feel like painted sadness on a wall. It is an overwhelming pressure that squeezes my heavy heart and makes me want to erupt from my chair and run, never looking back. I knew I shouldn’t have come here.

I see a window and look out onto a busy Pusan street, a street I can’t remember walking as a child. Cars whisk by and a Korea from my dreams becomes a moving reality before my eyes…

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Blogger Review #6 – Rich

I’d like to introduce you all to Rich who blogs at Level Up Stud! The gamer in me is delighted every time I say that blog name…

I am a sucker for a great about page. Rich gives us the run down from High School to his everyday, current life in his About Page here! He even has his own Advice Column!

How cool is that?

I am now tempted to write my own advice column… but I can’t think of a single person that would be dumb enough to solicit advice from me…

Rich is the first blogger to click the link to my review page and sign up! He won the prize of being reviewed next!

See… it pays to click on links sometimes…

Looking for a new blogger to add to your reader? Want to find a new connection? Visit Rich at his blog today!

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Do You

I had someone try to lecture me once about how I was squandering my platform and wasting it by posting needless bullshit.

I agreed of course.

I have the worst blog.

I should give a fuck about the whales. I should feed everyone in the world. I should save the mermaids. I should pick up all the trash that pollutes the planet. I should fix everyone’s problems.

I’m getting to it.

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Figuring It Out

I needed a smile. Thanks. 🙂
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Nominees should know that if you are nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award, you have already won

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Thank you to Ultimate travel for nominating me. My first and only nomination. I suck at this but will try my best.

1/ I sleep talk.

2/ I love variety and being naughty.

3/ I love ice cream, rum and raisin is my favourite though salted caramel comes a close second.

4/  I love junk food. Anything deep fried, pizza, donuts. Well may be I just love food in general.

5/ I used to suck my thumb bad when I was little thus one thumb is longer than the other.

6/ I suck at…

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Everyday someone discovers my Meet and Greet post! My Meet and Greet is not on a set day like some bloggers host, but is instead an active forum and thread that is always being added to. New bloggers check it out each day and add their sites to the growing list. The comment section is where you can find a multitude of bloggers with a vast variety of blogs! All bloggers are welcome!

How you use this list is up to you! Most people simply leave their info and move on.

I have witnessed some bloggers really network and utilize the Meet and Greet and I am sure they increased their platforms because of it! The choice is up to you!

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