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Weekly Blog Reviews #9

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Fiona’s Favourites –¬†

Fiona is a great community blogger. She visits other blogs constantly and her interaction level is extremely high. She is basically the exact type of blogger you want on your reader because she is selfless and actively promotes others. For example her page HERE shows how willing she is to spread the attention to other blogs. I appreciate bloggers that are unselfish and lend helping hands to others because that is what I also seek to do here on my website. Check out Fiona’s blog to add another great blogger to your network!

Survivor Road (a survivor of childhood sexual abuse) –¬†

The title and tagline of this blog really sets the tone doesn’t ¬†it? I appreciate that actually because it sets you up for no surprises when reading the words found here. The author, Marcus, writes on his life and also shares his poetry with his readers. He has always been kind online ¬†to me and even more an understanding blogging friend. I am always happy to read his responses and comments. Visit Marcus’s blog for a dose of reality, good writing, and colorful imagery.

The Newish Wife –¬†

Allie writes the blog The Newish Wife and her about page found HERE is a great introduction into who she is and what she cares about. I love a great “about page” so give hers a visit and check out the awesome¬†photos there! This blog offers engaging posts on being newly married and general views on relationships. I think many of my female readers will enjoy reading this blog and I encourage you to give Allie’s posts a browse. She is an engaging blogger and has been nothing but responsive towards me. I appreciate that in a blog and I am sure many of you do as well!

A Beautiful Disaster –

I can relate to this blog author and her writing journey found HERE. I agree it is “better late than never” when it comes to writing and her obvious passion for the written word can be found in her posts. Her poetry is well done and I enjoy the word strings she creates. She has also created a page with her “top posts” which can be found HERE. This is a great place to start in exploring this “Beautiful Disaster.” I also obviously like the blog name.

Secret Diary of PorterGirl –¬†

I am not sure this blogger sleeps. Now that might sound funny coming from me of all people… and I realize she lives across the pond. Still she is always around and constantly interacts, two things I can relate to when it comes to social media. She is also a very good writer and has a book released for purchase which you can find HERE! Check it out! I am sure she would appreciate it and her writing is worth the read!

Thomas M. Watt –¬†

Thomas writes this blog and is currently pushing the release of his new book Master which you can find HERE! I am a strong supporter of indie authors and those that self-publish. I also make an active effort to support authors that are self-promoting through their blogs. Thomas writes  on a variety of subjects including doing some reviews of films and movies. I particularly enjoy his recent posts which are reflective on his book promotions and the struggles found doing it. Give his blog a visit and definitely check out his new book release! Support your fellow book bloggers!

Talk About Pop Music –¬†

Who doesn’t love music? If you are looking for new tunes, reviews, and news check this blog out! It is jam packed with music and current news for the music industry. You can also find some playlists nicely compiled for you on this link HERE! Steve is a great networker and frequent visitor. I have appreciated the connection we have shared so far and I would encourage anyone looking for an active addition to their network to add him!

The Wine Wankers –¬†

This is the best wine site on the internet. The writers are engaging and fun people to read about and follow. I have been in network with Conrad of the Wine Wankers for some time now and he is an all around great guy. I encourage anyone looking for fun reads, great wines, and spectacular photos to give this blog a visit! Check out their Christmas gift ideas for wine lovers found HERE! Tell them OM sent you!

A.R. Hadley –¬†

I enjoy the posts found on this blog. I wish the blogger wasn’t on, the dark side is so hard to share on! Her poetry, found HERE, is obviously personal because she relates what drove her to write it. I enjoy that aspect of it. I also have found some posts that read like free thought and are inspiring to say the least. She is very interactive and responsive to those that comment on her blog and her layout is clean and easy to read! I would definitely recommend giving this blog a view and follow!

The Lonely Tribalist –¬†

Who doesn’t love a blogger that “fondles their micro-accolates???” That definitely got a smile. Michelle writes The Lonely Tribalist and her about page HERE really says it all! Discovering what the word “tribal” means in modern context sounds like a journey in itself! It also sounds like the makings of a great blog which this is! I encourage people to visit her and to give her fun posts a browse! She is always responsive and I have found her blog to be a great addition to my network!

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Blog Reviews on HarsH ReaLiTy! – Policy

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Blog Reviews : Patience Please

I have a growing list for the reviews. Please exercise patience. If you haven’t seen your blog and it has been two months or so please feel free to email me, but if you only submitted 2-3 weeks ago you are still on the list. I just haven’t gotten to you. I am doing these in the order I receive the emails.


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Weekly Blog Reviews #8

If you are interested in being included in my Blog Reviews please send me your info to

Finder’s Keepers –¬†

Tracey writes on a variety of topics, but her about page found HERE really says it all. I particularly enjoyed her opening in which she states that “I am a country-twang gal from the bluegrass state. Kentucky is a hot bed of horses, cave systems, and whiskey. And I love all three.” I love original “about pages” that reveal a little something about the writer! Tracey is currently promoting her book Shocking Find’s which you can check out at the following link HERE!

Being1nsane –¬†

I like the stated goal of this blog and her wish to relay her emotions through words! That is what many of us are here to do as we release ourselves online. There is a lot of writing being shared on this blog in the form of posts, poems, and short stories. I also see a lot of opportunities to engage and interact with other bloggers which is a great way to promote community. Her support of others can be found with the Facebook group she has stated which you can check out HERE!

Nutsrok –¬†

This blog is a fun and easy read. I have enjoyed my interactions with this blogger for some time now and she is always responsive! I enjoy the lighthearted posts that she shares and her sense of humor! I also really like the artwork! The illustrations really add to the post and are so colorful! Take a look at some of her art HERE! This blog is definitely worth adding to your reader!

Mukul Chand –¬†¬†&¬†

This blogger runs two blogs and offers some great daily photos and personal images! I enjoy how he not only shares photos, but also offers some details about what the photos represent. Culture and world views are always welcome reads for me in my reader and these blogs provide some of both! He is also a great interactive blogger and is very responsive! Give his site a visit!

The Pink Herald’s Blog –¬†

This blog is dedicated in memory to Lynn’s sister who passed away from breast cancer and that is why it is called The Pink Herald. You can read about her blog HERE on her “about page” which highlights why she started the blog and her tribute. I have interacted and connected with Lynn for a little over a year now. She is a great blogging presence that is always genuine in her response. She is also a great community blogger that posts fun personal blogs people can relate to. Check her blog out!

I Will Not Live in Vain –¬†

This blog was created as a platform to promote her books she has recently published which you can read about HERE! Rae has written two books dealing with personal reflection and the men in her life! For those relationship bloggers out there you may be interested in her related posts on “relationships” which you can find HERE at this link. She is a very interactive blogger that responds well to comments. I have enjoyed the recent dialogue we have shared together.

Harbour –¬†

Tiegan is a photo and poetry blogger that aims to “empower the creativity of young people through sharing my everyday writing experiences.” That is a good goal and I am sure many bloggers share that same motivation online! Providing inspiration for others is always a great quality to find in a blogger and Tiegan appears to do just that! Check this blogger out and expand your network!

Bulldog Travels –¬†

I love travel and photo blogs! It is even better when they are combined such as on this blog! Read her about page HERE and see why she created the blog! It makes perfect sense combining your interest in a way that shares your passion! This blog definitely does that and the blogger is also very responsive to other bloggers! I enjoy having her posts in my reader and her daily photos are also awesome!

All In A Dad’s Work –¬†

For a smile read his qualifications found HERE! This is a very interactive and social blogger that can be found around the blogosphere! He is always responsive and also spends his time promoting other bloggers such as this link HERE! If you are looking for writing prompts check out his 100 word stories! Those are fun to read and everyone loves writing prompts right? Check Eric’s blog out and add another worthy blog to your list of reads!

Art 4 All –¬†

Joan is an art blogger that shares photography challenges as well! You can see an example of some of her photos¬†HERE! I really like her photos and daily¬†pictures! Joan also spends her time promoting other artists! You can find her “artist¬†directory”¬†HERE and she encourages other artists, photographers, and creators to reach out to her to network! Give her site a visit and connect with another great blogger!


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Weekly Blog Reviews

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