Man Problems

To shave or not to shave? This is a daily question for most men and a weekly one for Asian men. Unfortunately I do have to shave at least every couple days or I start to look like the Korean guy that took the boat to America instead of a plane. I think you have…



She says she doesn’t know what she wants as what wants her droops out the door. He walks nowhere for a time until time doesn’t matter. Thoughts of her and their moments together play like a movie in his mind. Longing pushes him further and further till there is no more longing left inside of…


Women Only – Women Talk

For Mature Audiences. Skip this if that ain’t you. I won’t lie to you girls. Sometimes I feel like changing my name to Opinionated Woman and switching sides… for a day. Don’t get me wrong, being a guy is cool. We get to pee standing up, although I later learned in life women can still…


Man Code

They keep reading our posts so we will just use man code. The goose calls at midnight and the cow jumps over the moon. Beware the snakes at noon and buy more beer. Oops. I mean get more provisions… The cat meows while chasing tigers and four eggs hatched tomorrow. Turn over the bacon. -OM