I miss you everyday and wonder what you are doing.

I replay the time we spent together and the warm feeling you gave me.

I wonder who you are with now, who might be loving you.

I sometimes wonder if we’ll ever see one another again.

Are you with someone else? Are you cheating on me!!!

Next time I have $100, I’ll spend it on you.

I miss this bottle of scotch so much…


I don’t window shop

I don’t window shop.

I really don’t get the attraction. It’s like walking around a casino without any money and watching other people play slot machines and win.

That sucks.

I don’t browse either. The only browsing I do is when I’m searching for the specific item I’m already looking for.

I know women like to “window shop” all the time… although if we are honest they normally end up buying something, even if it’s a smaller item.

So that’s not really window shopping either.

And if you ever hear “but it was on sale!” don’t fall for it. I used to work at Sears and we just moved the sale signs around and just changed the percentages…

There’s always a “sale.”

-Opinionated Man