I watched as the ice melted from her heart and she warmed towards loving me again. Her mood seemed to reflect the surrounding less as our hands met to break the median we had created. I glanced at her and knew we were back again. Back to where we were. We drove in silence and…


My Daily

The day begins with a made bed. That is what my mother taught me. Yes, that is the body pillow coming between my marriage. His name is Adam apparently! But we have plans for it… we have been plotting about what to do with that intruding, overgrown cushion! -OM 44.1 @smokendust


For Men Only – The Guy Book

1 – Agree with everything they say except for the next to last item. You don’t want them thinking you are just mindlessly nodding (even though you are), but you also want to end every conversation on an agreement… to prevent further conversation. Obviously. 2 – “Does this make me look fat?” This seems to…


For Men Only – “Decorative Towels”

Men I thought it might be nice to give you all a quick guide to the anomaly called “the decorative item.” If you have a steady woman, live-in girlfriend, or wife you may have encountered these strange objects around the house and thought to yourself much like me “what the fuck are these for???” Make…


For Men Only -The Itch

We often assume things and we come to find out they simply aren’t true. For instance, I’ve always assumed men address the itch in the same way. I guess that isn’t true. Have you ever been in a meeting, at the office, on a date, or just in public and you suddenly have the itch?…