Shadow Tall

Shadow tall how tall you stand. You overpower me as you power me down. How very small I feel against the grain. It makes me sane to know I am within your shadow at all. You are the shadow, my Shadow tall. Jason 44.1


Shadows & Light

I followed a shadow into darkness and discovered I did not miss the light. Instead I found a warmth found inside something found. A want stronger than the need to breath. Swallowed within the need to find the light, I find a darkness instead. A shadow with my light and tonight… I am the shadow…



She says she does and doesn’t still. My love, my heart, my nightingale. I love her hard while we talk so fast. Sweet hurried words, loves sweet caress. A feel that is felt before, as my heart meets your chest. And ending comes with breathless reward. All I see is your face. -Opinionated Man 44.1…



I caught a glimpse of a silhouette against the light a moon had wept. The silver tendrils of goodbye drifted while refusing to die in the sky. I watched my story unfold in a morning show of gold. As a truth was told by the beauty that was stole. That I am the shadow I…



Do not turn away from me my beating heart. Let me hear you beat just one more time. I hear the sound of your want found  Your want finds me wanting it. As we turn about. We turn around as we found ourselves. And in ourselves we found what we were looking for. 5 -OM…



How sweet is the clarity when you see through the pain. Seeing things you had missed when actions were the same. But now love is gone and so is the fog. The fog of war and love, the bog. Forward to firmer plain. How sad is the memory when you have known the pain. The…



She says she wants a nightingale. So I sing to her until she hears. No time like now there is to hold. Our hands together against our fears. Here they come, I see our shadows. Yours and mine in a single line. United happiness and sadness combined. Bring the thunder as the heart meets the…