I saw a shining light.

It shined, it shined, it shined so bright.

I could not stand the sight.

Of darkness folding before this light.

A brightness striking deep within.

Dispelling torrents of rage, amen.

A beauty I did not wish to see.

A reflection of something lost in me.




My eyes follow the setting sun.

And watch as the sun does run.

From my parting gaze.

No hand to give me parting wave.

I wish for one more moment spent.

A coin less wish, no drop of decent.

And hear an echo in reply.

A whispered answer or sweet, sweet lie.



Everything is everything

One day I’ll look back on my life,

And see how the ink has dried.

What roads I’ve chosen to take,

where stars did not collide.

Everything is everything,

or so they want me to think.

Until it all becomes nothing,

through dreams they speak.



Chasing happiness

Like a sigh of sweat red wine.

A whispered goodbye that never dies.

I feel it like a tap on my shoulder.

A look back I can’t remember.

Chasing happiness with a pen.

Chasing happiness within.

Not knowing the definition.

Only that there’s a destination.

A point I am supposed to reach.

Something no one can teach.

It all ends in a sigh.

As we chase that which can’t be defined.





I once followed a teardrop till she had run out of sadness.

She turned to me as the end was near and asked where she had given herself.

I pointed back the way we had come. Our path was marked by her.

She began to weep tears of regret at the journey finally met.

But then before her eyes, life began to arise.

All of her given gifts had brought a beginning from her ending.

She smiles knowing of blossoms blooming from the tears she shed.

She smiles knowing life comes even from the dead.

Jason Cushman




She flutters, time stutters,

then seems to start again.

As she falters.

What started this?

The beginning and the end.

I run to catch her.

I think I’ve caught her.

Can you catch the wind?

She flutters, time stutters,

like I’ve seen again.