Some day

Some day we’ll walk to the edge of tomorrow and leave yesterday behind.

Our footsteps will plant new memories upon the nightmares that once lived here. That once grew here.

Some day we’ll no longer need a one day and our today will be enough.

I see that some day on the horizon. Pushing against the day I want to forget.




Rising Thought

Rising thought. Why do you rise?

Coming up as a new thought in disguise.

A long lost name remembered.

From that day in December.

When you let both my hands fall.

And life became so dismal.

I rose once before.

But your rising thought I cannot ignore…




Concrete Garden

Concrete garden over me.

Automation inside of me.

Stone floor solid as can be.

Walls to block the beauty.

My concrete world supposed to be.

A grown-up world no child should see.




Memory Eternal

I saw it in the heavens, in the stars.

A host of new angels traveling somewhere far.

Their flight was like a magical sight.

And yet I knew it felt just right.

An image imagined without the pain.

The memory eternal of the slain.

-Opinionated Man




I whispered in the ear of a sparrow and watched her fly into the sun.

I ran after until I was beneath, until I could not run.

Until my day was done and I knew she was gone.

Gone out of reach from my reach, and here comes the long.