A Cause

Would I ever know a cause.
That sheds a light past the light.
And cease this neverending fall.
By putting myself in a fight.

Can I carry this banner.
This great display of our dismay.
I wave it above the clamor.
Our deed in open display.

Should I share your concern.
Your words, not mine.
What will I have earned?
Must be the last thought of mine.

Jason C. Cushman
-Opinionated Man
October 17


I drew an image of your heart and shaded it with color. Coloring it past the darkness that we feel sometimes inside ourself. I outlined the beauty I see when you smile at me. The love I feel when I see you draw the lines of your mind.




Hunting Fall

We went Hunting Fall and where the green leaves meet autumn’s call.

We listened amongst the broken sound of tumbling streams while making dreams.

When nature calls we drop it all. We go on an adventure called Hunting Fall!




She begs me to write her clothes onto the floor.

Each and every piece until her whole body has been explored.

My pen unbuttons without a second thought.

Scribbling towards what I want.

Naked body meets naked mind.

Feel your inhibitions unwind.

Feel me like you feel my words.

Smooth as hands upon your curves.

Take me now, come take me in.

Ecstasy as we begin again.

-Opinionated Man




I saw her whisper… or did she sigh. A little twinkle in her eye.

It made me wonder madly why. Why did she sit alone and sigh?

I sent her flowers, no reply. Only increasing the Why.

Watched her eat, we never meet. Time passes quickly by.

She has a man, what a man. I can’t even afford his tie.

My eyes glued, but my fingers move as I only release a sigh.

She joins a name, a list of names. A litany of whys.

It is all the same, just the same… as lonely inner cries.

-Opinionated Man




I figured out what rain was when I walked beneath your cloud. I walked around and saw droplets falling without a single sound. I knew I had found your sadness when tears washed upon my eyes. They felt like my tears feel when I cry sometimes. That’s when I realized that we were crying as one. It wasn’t rain at all I felt, I was under the sun.

-Opinionated Man