I whispered in the ear of a sparrow and watched her fly into the sun.

I ran after until I was beneath, until I could not run.

Until my day was done and I knew she was gone.

Gone out of reach from my reach, and here comes the long.





I can only be what I was meant to be.

A fiery comet, no diamond ring.

This anger and fear inside of me.

An occasional broken reality.

I walk beside myself today.

And kill myself in dismay.

Making promises against my nature.

Until I do not see a future.

I kill the man I am meant to be.

I’ve killed a man, I’ve killed me.




Heart attack 

I could see it from the start.

A final beating of my heart.

Sudden feeling that I lack.

Becomes my own heart attack.

I fight back with all I know.

Even giving up my soul.

Finally I find myself to blame.

Soulless, heartless, I am not sane.

I now have blood on my hands.

From the heart attack again.





She begs me to write her clothes onto the floor.

Each and every piece until her whole body has been explored.

My pen unbuttons without a second thought.

Scribbling towards what I want.

Naked body meets naked mind.

Feel your inhibitions unwind.

Feel me like you feel my words.

Smooth as hands upon your curves.

Take me now, come take me in.

Ecstasy as we begin again.

-Opinionated Man





They said she was a flower.

So she grew and grew. She grew from all they knew and never learned herself.

They said reach for the sun.

So she reached and reached. She stretched past what anyone had known.

And when she had grown too tall.

They told her to fall.

So she fell and fell, but could not fall.

She realized she wasn’t a flower at all.

-Opinionated Man




I feel a tremor of my heart. Or is it an earthquake from my soul. A feeling again from the start. An answer to all we know.

It moves to a catching of my breath. As I remember I need air. It never tasted so sweet it seems. As I smell each passing hair.

You become a memory, my memory. A page and a half of my life. I hope that you also remember me. My hope, my love, my wife.