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Vodka Tears

Teardrops from the drops I drink at night. Tracing their concern down the sides of my face as I race to find another cup. A lot of small cups create a large amount of relief. At least I hope so as I press past the mark of caution. I see myself before myself. A twinkle… Read More »


I will do everything I can to ensure you have the best life I can provide. That you only encounter hardship when there is no choice but to live it. I will teach you the values that I think you should know and hold dear. Society can whisper in your ear another day, they will… Read More »

Daily Florida 

My Little Authors

Anna Bear Journal 1 – Florida 5-4 Gracie Journal 1 – Florida 5-4 My little writers. I love it. Jason


I’m on vacation if you didn’t know. My response time is slow to both comments and emails! Please be patient and hate mail is always answered first. Have a great week bloggers! Jason

Daily Florida

Apply To Be My Friend

You must fill out the survey to apply to be my friend. Failure to finish the survey will disqualify you. 1 – During an alien invasion who would you save first? Your family or me? 2 – A zombie has bitten me and I need you to cut off my limb before I turn into… Read More »

My Degree

I feel like people keep challenging my well thought out relationship advice and my degree from the Intergalactic Academy of Women so I took a photo of it. If it looks like it was written in crayon that is due to the pixelation of your computer monitor. I highly suggest getting it replaced and maybe… Read More »

Male Culture

I feel like women miss the hardships men endure… or perhaps “share” in your struggle for social engagement. I mean… we are men right? We don’t “struggle” we fucking do. That is what men do. It is often hard for men to find friendship in real life after a certain age. Mentally we can come… Read More »

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