My Daily

The day begins with a made bed. That is what my mother taught me. Yes, that is the body pillow coming between my marriage. His name is Adam apparently! But we have plans for it… we have been plotting about what to do with that intruding, overgrown cushion! -OM 44.1 @smokendust


The Night of the Big Game

It is a Friday night and I am just now getting ready for the school football game. It is my sophomore year of high school and things have changed somewhat. My friends and I are able to drive, life is a little bit more fun, but the bullying still exists on a frequent occasion. I…


Vodka and sprite

I don’t understand what is so hard about it. All I asked for was a Grey Goose and Sprite and what I ALWAYS get is a vodka and water. Who the fuck drinks vodka and water? Top shelf? Seriously? I’ve been to a ton of restaurants and it has become a little game we play.…



I think I disappoint new readers and shatter expectations daily. Not in a good way. They come here expecting amazing posts and awesome photos, a reason for why people subscribed. Instead they find out what I did today or who made me angry. Anger is very blog worthy. They hear about how the corner of…



They say neverland is never forever, but what if you don’t believe that. What if you can’t help but let your mind slip into a moment as you play with a sudden sentence you think of or catch a sight you will never see again. What if your fingers dance away from the keys of…